The History Of The Bicycle

A bicycle, also known as a bicycle or pedal cycle, is a pedal-driven or motorized, single-wheel road-bicycle, with two wheels connected to a rigid frame, on which pedals are attached. A bicycle rider is commonly known as a biker, or bicycle rider. Bicyclists do not ride on pavement, but instead travel on sidewalks and bike paths. Bicyclists often prefer to use pavement to save the wear and tear of riding on a sidewalk, though some bikers prefer to ride on pathways, especially in urban areas where safety is an issue. Most bikers are male, and most bicycles are powered by electric motors.


These days, many people cycle for fitness and other reasons. Some people do so to participate in an organized cycling race. Bicycling is very popular among athletes, because it allows the athlete to train in a comfortable and safe way. In addition to training, cycling gives the athlete plenty of exercise while still being low impact. Bicycles can be fitted with many different kinds of accessories that make them more efficient for the cyclist’s needs.

A typical bicycle has a seat frame with two wheels and a single chain to connect the two wheels. The pedals are mounted on the outside of the seat, usually in the center, on a stem bar. The handlebars are fixed, and are either topped with a hand-held helmet or shaped like a bicycle with the seat and handlebars bent into a “B” shape. The bicycle has a chain and brakes, and is powered by an engine similar to what is found in a car. Bicycles can be propelled by pedaling, or by both hands.

Bicycles have been used by people for transportation for many years. Early models were not very efficient, because only two wheels were involved. The bicycle was eventually modified to incorporate a hand crank, and the pedals were added to the rear wheel.

Today bicycles are an everyday part of transportation for most people. Most bicycles are single wheels, but there are two-wheelers that can also be fitted with pedals. Bicycles that are adapted to handle weights over ten pounds usually have between one and three gears. Many bicycles have been made with detachable handlebars and helmets. Most bicycles today are made for both men and women, and have a built-in holder for a purse or diaper bag.

A bicycle is different from a moped or a motorcycle in many ways. A bicycle is classified as a “bicycle” even though it does not have the engine power of a motorcycle. A bicycle is also classified by the way in which the rider sits. A bicycle is generally placed on the rear wheel of the bicycle, while a motorcycle is usually put on the front wheel. A person who rides a bicycle can sit on the seat in the same way that a rider of a motorcycle sits, although some cyclists prefer to sit in the front passenger seat.