REVIEW: Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3

REVIEW: The Skinceuticals Metacell B3 was launched in February 2015 as a daily emulsion to help with skin ageing concerns.


The first thing I noticed when looking at the Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3 is how flawless and heavy-duty the frosted glass bottle is. Unlike some other skincare brands those products have great ingredients but cheap plastic packaging, Skinceuticals ensures the packaging protects the product’s ingredients from light and air exposure. No details are spared as the brand puts in every effort to ensure its product reflects the brand’s ethos of science-based skincare.

The second thing I noticed with the Metacell Renewal B3 is the price – at A$149 (US$100) – this is not a product you pick up off the shelf. Assuming you use the product daily and go through a bottle of it every 45 days, after a year you’d be able to afford return flights from Sydney to Hong Kong. But then again, it’s sometimes about the results and not the cost. Luckily, on this note things look bright for the Metacell Renewal B3. For example, it contains 5% niacinamide, which has proven to help improve skin elasticity; and it features 2.5% tri-peptide which assists with binding moisture to the skin. Additionally, after using it for a good month I can attest that it has improved my skin’s texture and evidently even skin tone.

However, there are some claims Skinceuticals make which don’t live up to the hype. For example, the Metacell Renewall B3 packaging states it contains “a high-potency fresh emulsion with 15% non-occlusive glycerin to attract and retain intense, bright hydration in skin”. This certainly makes glycerin sound like some impressive magical ingredient. Except it’s not. Glycerin is present in practically any moisturizer, as it acts as a barrier to prevent dry or itchy skin. That’s not to say that glycerin is not effective, but that is not nearly as impressive as the packaging claims.

While there were worries that after L’Oreal purchased Skinceuticals, L’Oreal would turn tarnish the Skinceuticals and turn it a second-rate “science-based skincare brand”, this does not seem to be the case. The formulation of Skinceuticals products haven’t changed and the Metacell Renewal B3 is definitely a great product given its proven ingredients and advanced packaging which helps keep the ingredients fresh and effective.