Good Nutrition For a Healthy Life


Getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your diet is key to a long and healthy life. Lean meat, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains are all good choices for a health-conscious eater. These types of foods are also low in calories.

It’s no secret that the food industry has a thing for touting the health benefits of tropical oils. These tasty fats have been linked to a number of health benefits including lower risk of cardiovascular disease, improved cholesterol levels, and improved insulin sensitivity. As with all health related recommendations, it’s important to discuss any changes with your doctor or physician before you go gung-ho. In addition to a healthy heart, good nutrition can improve your general health and boost your mood. This is particularly true if you are suffering from a chronic condition such as diabetes or cancer.

A good start is to consume foods rich in vitamin C. This is because the antioxidant has been shown to improve heart health and reduce inflammation in the body. You can find vitamin C in many foods, but be sure to eat fruits like grapes and berries that have skins, as they are a better source of this vital antioxidant. Other good sources of vitamin C include broccoli and spinach.

A healthy diet containing the aforementioned food groups, along with plenty of exercise, should be a recipe for success.