What Is a Good Article?

A good article has a clear central idea that is clearly developed and supported by paragraphs and other elements. It is also well-written, with good grammar and sentence structure and proper citations. It should be broad in coverage and balanced, neutral in point of view, stable, illustrated, and if possible, accompanied by a high-quality image suitable for the article’s topic. In addition, it may have passed through the Wikipedia:WikiProject Good Article nomination process and met a number of additional criteria.

A noun, good refers to something valuable or desirable, such as a good education or a good job. It can also be used to mean something that is functional, efficient or effective, such as a good book or a good car. A good investment is one that will provide a return on its value. A person who is good at something has natural ability in that area.

As an adjective, good means satisfactory, acceptable or favorable. It can be a predicate adjective, meaning that slotthailand it modifies or describes a noun or phrase. It can also be a conjunction, meaning that it joins two words together in a relationship, such as good friends or good food. It can also be an adverb, indicating degree or extent, such as a good deal or a good time. It can also be a euphemism for God.

Several philosophical theories of goodness have been proposed. In particular, the work of Moore has been influential. His approach involves considering the meanings of specific evaluative notions and whether they fit a given context. It is a theory that allows much more disagreement than some other theories, which tend to focus on the concrete things that are considered to be good.

The adverb good is often paired with the adverb well in both spoken and written English. It is important to understand the difference between these two, as well as the different connotations of each. Well is standard, neutral, and colorless, while good has a more positive and emphatic connotation.

Some philosophers have argued that it is possible to analyze the good by considering its causally relevant properties. This is sometimes referred to as Cornell realism. An alternative view is that the good is an ambiguous concept and cannot be analyzed in this way.

A good article is a Wikipedia article that has a good level of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) and a satisfying amount of high-quality main content, including a descriptive and helpful title. In addition, the article should be written in a way that is accessible to readers and published on a reputable website. This is especially important for scholarly articles, as it increases their credibility and builds trust between authors and their readers. This is important in a world where information is increasingly distributed via digital channels. In some cases, this is the only way that an author can get their research out to a wide audience. In these circumstances, a good article can be critical in getting their work recognized and cited by other academics and researchers.