What Is a Bicycle?

A bicycle is a human-powered, two-wheeled land vehicle with a seat that sits on a frame and has pedals attached to it. The bike also has a chain and cogs that connect to the pedals, and the whole thing rotates around a hub connected to a front wheel. People use a handlebar to steer the bicycle, and the rider is called a cyclist or bicyclist.

The basic shape of the modern bicycle has changed little since its invention, but there are many different specialized designs for specific cycling purposes. For example, racing bikes are built with light and aerodynamic frames, and suspension components help to smooth the ride. Touring bikes are designed for carrying heavy loads over long distances, and they have sturdy racks to carry fenders, water bottles, pumps, and lights. Mountain bikes are built for navigating rugged terrain, and they have sturdier frames and components to support rough riding.

Some people use bicycles as their primary means of transportation, and they often carry a lot of gear with them to cover long distances in a day. Others use them for recreation, like leisurely rides with friends or organized races. There is even a type of bicycle that allows people with disabilities to enjoy the pleasures of cycling, called an electric assist or power assist bicycle.

There are even some people who have made it their life’s work to travel around the world by bicycle, and they are known as bicycle tourists. This type of travel can be challenging, because a bicycle cannot easily go up stairs or over bridges, and it is difficult to find places to park a bike.

Most cities have special laws to protect cyclists, such as requiring vehicles to give cyclists plenty of room when passing them, and laws against parking or stopping in bike lanes. In some cases, drivers who violate these rules can be sued by cyclists who are injured or whose bicycle is damaged by the driver’s careless actions.

Many people who ride bicycles are active in other sports, such as hiking or kayaking. The bike is a popular recreational activity for children, who love the speed and agility of riding. Pedal-powered bikes are also used as therapy tools to help injured patients regain strength and mobility.

Journalists who write about bicycles can use any type of news to make a story, as long as it is about a person who uses a bicycle. A good rule of thumb is to look for a way to link the person’s use of a bicycle to some bad behaviour, such as dropping litter or yelling at someone. This will ensure that the article gets published. It doesn’t matter how tenuously the connection is, as long as it makes the article seem credible to the editor.