How to Write a Good Article


A good article is one that explains the subject matter clearly and concisely. This is important because it helps your audience understand what you are trying to say. It also prevents them from getting confused and losing interest in your writing.

Rule #1: Give me substance

Good articles should include some kind of introductory paragraph that introduces your topic and gives an overview of what you plan to discuss in the article. This will make your readers want to read on and stay engaged with what you have to say.

Rule #2: Keep it brief and simple

Having a short and simple article is important because people like to be able to quickly get to the point without having to read a long, boring sentence. It is also a good idea to limit your word count and use concise sentences that are easy to follow.

Rule #3: Have an intriguing title

A compelling and interesting title will help your article stand out and make your readers want to learn more about what you are talking about. This will increase the likelihood of your article being shared and read by others.

Rule #4: Have a relevant topic

Your article should be relevant to the audience you are writing for. This is why it is so important to research your topic before you start writing. This will help you find information and ideas that your readers can relate to and make your writing more interesting and valuable.

Rule #5: Have a clear focus

The main purpose of your article should be to discuss the topic in question, not to make up a bunch of useless information. This will ensure that your article is easy to read and makes sense to your audience.

Rule #6: Have a strong point

You need to have a strong point when writing an article. This will ensure that your readers can easily understand what you are trying to say and will be able to apply it to their lives.

Having a clear focus will help your article stand out from the competition and allow your readers to be able to easily understand what you are trying to say. This will also help them to retain the information you are presenting, which is a vital aspect of a successful article.