A Brief Review Of The GSA

Global Positioning System or better known as GPS is a tool that uses satellites to pinpoint your exact position at any time of the day or night. This makes it possible for you to know where you are regardless of where you may be. A lot of individuals rely on this service to find their loved ones who have gone missing. There are a lot of other individuals who rely on this technology to know how to get to somewhere they have never been before without having to use a map or a guide. If you happen to be in the industry of aerial photography and would like to know more about how this system works, then read on.


The NGS works along with the geostationary operational modules. These are small earth-orbiting satellites that operate in a fixed orbit above the earth. Once an area is selected, the geostationary weather satellites will automatically align themselves to that particular area. From here, the information that is being collected on the ground will determine the areas that a plane must fly over to get to another location.

In order for the NGS to determine these areas, it uses a number of different data sources including Global Positioning System, radio emissions, Terrain Maps, and Global Viewing Infrared Imagery. Global Viewing Infrared Imagery (GUI) consists of the maps and data that are collected by the operational environmental satellites as well as the operational geostationary satellites. This imagery is important when it comes to monitoring space weather conditions because it can determine the intensity and duration of the solar activity. A lot of the imagery also has information on cloud coverage, cloud type, snow cover, rainfall, ice cap, ice melt and much more. This information is crucial when it comes to monitoring weather patterns, pollution levels and even weather related accidents on the ground.

When it comes to the operational environment of the GSA, there is a need for both data and software that can be accessed rapidly. For this reason, the operational environmental satellites are split up into two distinct groups. There is the full disk imaging group which targets regions that are experiencing geostationary storms, while the low-resolution imaging group is targeted at observing the Earth as a whole. The GSA has several budget constraints so all the operational groups are required to comply with a specified budget.

The first operational group is made up of the GSA goes-n series and the GSA orbit series. The GSA goes-n series is specifically designed for low-resolution imaging while the GSA orbit series are designed for higher resolution imaging purposes. Both the go-a series and orbit series are designed to operate in geostationary orbit. The GSA fully operational satellites are designed to operate in the lower atmosphere of Earth, while the low-resolution satellites are designed to operate in the geostationary orbit. Although the operational status of the geostationary satellites was discussed at length, I will not discuss the status of the low-resolution or full sized satellites.

If you wish to be in the know about the operational conditions of the different satellites of the GSA, there is a great deal of information on the internet that will be quite helpful. For example, all the operational status reports that the agency issues have a great deal of detail about the status of each of the orbiting satellites. The GSA has identified eight specific satellites that they use to operate the Earth-orbit transit system. Four of the eight satellites are in operation presently while another four are either retrofitted or still under construction. Of course, it is possible for an operator to modify one or more of the equatorial plane satellites but modifying one of the secondary satellites is not as easy as it is for retrofitted satellites.

REVIEW: Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3

REVIEW: The Skinceuticals Metacell B3 was launched in February 2015 as a daily emulsion to help with skin ageing concerns.


The first thing I noticed when looking at the Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3 is how flawless and heavy-duty the frosted glass bottle is. Unlike some other skincare brands those products have great ingredients but cheap plastic packaging, Skinceuticals ensures the packaging protects the product’s ingredients from light and air exposure. No details are spared as the brand puts in every effort to ensure its product reflects the brand’s ethos of science-based skincare.

The second thing I noticed with the Metacell Renewal B3 is the price – at A$149 (US$100) – this is not a product you pick up off the shelf. Assuming you use the product daily and go through a bottle of it every 45 days, after a year you’d be able to afford return flights from Sydney to Hong Kong. But then again, it’s sometimes about the results and not the cost. Luckily, on this note things look bright for the Metacell Renewal B3. For example, it contains 5% niacinamide, which has proven to help improve skin elasticity; and it features 2.5% tri-peptide which assists with binding moisture to the skin. Additionally, after using it for a good month I can attest that it has improved my skin’s texture and evidently even skin tone.

However, there are some claims Skinceuticals make which don’t live up to the hype. For example, the Metacell Renewall B3 packaging states it contains “a high-potency fresh emulsion with 15% non-occlusive glycerin to attract and retain intense, bright hydration in skin”. This certainly makes glycerin sound like some impressive magical ingredient. Except it’s not. Glycerin is present in practically any moisturizer, as it acts as a barrier to prevent dry or itchy skin. That’s not to say that glycerin is not effective, but that is not nearly as impressive as the packaging claims.

While there were worries that after L’Oreal purchased Skinceuticals, L’Oreal would turn tarnish the Skinceuticals and turn it a second-rate “science-based skincare brand”, this does not seem to be the case. The formulation of Skinceuticals products haven’t changed and the Metacell Renewal B3 is definitely a great product given its proven ingredients and advanced packaging which helps keep the ingredients fresh and effective.


Persol Reflex Edition Sunglasses

It’s fascinating to see how inspiration comes from different places. For example, in the latest runway collections we saw how arctic and icebergs were a major influence at Lacoste, and at Vivienne Westwood it was the financial crisis. So when Persol‘s new collection is inspired by the world of photography and analogue cameras, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Entitled Persol Reflex Edition, the Italian brand’s sunglasses pay homage to the “cameras [which] have made it possible to save endless images of the world which surrounds us, and fix them in time and as the memories of generations”. The result is that the designs in this collection look vintage and yet have a classic design. The campaign, shot by Swedish photographer Julia Hetta perfectly capture how the sunglasses’ frames were directly influenced by camera lenses.

What’s also worth noting is that Persol Reflex Edition also marks the first time two sunglasses models (PO 3046S and PO 3047S – both below) feature Polar and Photo-Polar lenses which blocks glare and darkens to suit the environment you’re in.

Whilst we do love this collection, before you pull out your credit card, read up on our tips on how to choose sunglasses for your face shape.

Rekorderlig Presents Sounds in the Snow

Set to bring the party vibe to the Alps, Panama is one of Australia’s finest indie music groups to earn global success with their distinguishing synth pop sound. Reigning from Sydney, the boys will arrive on the slopes following an international tour throughout Europe and the USA.

Highlighting an exhilarating snow season filled with beautifully Swedish festivities, Sounds in the Snow will be a free gig presented by Rekorderlig Cider for all ski and snowboard enthusiasts to enjoy, before kicking back and relaxing at the Rekorderlig hot pools for a European Après experience.

Nikki Langford, Marketing Manager for Rekorderlig said the event was the perfect way to end the winter and ski season.

“We are thrilled to announce Panama at Sounds of The Snow. With their electro pop sound, the group are sure to shake up the mountains for an afternoon of great tunes with warm winter cider. Having created the ultimate après-ski environment in Thredbo for the Australian snow season, what better way to close out the winter months than with such a unique experience at Sounds in the Snow” said Ms Langford.

Held during the annual Toyota One Hit Wonder weekend, the music gig will take place by the Rekorderlig Hot Pools at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel.