What Makes a Nice Person?


Niceness is an attribute that can be found in both individuals and organizations. It is the desire to do the right thing by others, while still keeping one’s self in check. Usually, nice people are kind and tolerant of people and their differences, while also being honest and accepting of themselves. However, in the wrong situations, being nice can prove to be a huge problem.

People who are nice are willing to sacrifice their time and energy for others. They are considerate of their own time, so that they can give a helping hand to their friends who are in need. Moreover, they listen to and accept the opinions of others, even if they are not their own.

Niceness is the type of behavior that is based on logical thought, rather than on emotional or instinctual feelings. In this sense, it is all about class. For example, you would see people with power as being nice, while those with little power are not.

You may be a nice person if you can hold a door open for someone. That act is considered to be kind, since it saves the other person a lot of time. Moreover, being a good friend or lover is also considered to be a kind behavior.

But what makes a person a nice person? A person must have a self-esteem and a respect for himself. Moreover, he must have the ability to make up for mistakes. This means that he must be able to accurately recognize his own strengths and weaknesses. If he is a good person, he will be a kind person, even if he makes a few mistakes.

To be a truly nice person, you must be a person who is humble. It doesn’t mean that you are weak, but you must be able to admit your mistakes and correct them. Also, it is important to be a person who is honest, especially when you have made a mistake. As long as you are honest, your actions will be more authentic.

Niceness is often criticized. Some say that it’s a sign of weakness. On the other hand, you can be a nice person, but still be a selfish human being. Similarly, a person who is assertive is not always a nice person. He wants money, power, or control over other people.

“No more nice guy” is a book written by Robert Glover. The author urges men to replace their nice behaviors with more assertive ones. Although he is a magazine journalist, he draws on various disciplines to achieve his goal.

Despite his warnings, being a nice person can be a difficult and challenging task, since you will encounter a number of different people, each with a different set of expectations. Furthermore, niceness can be a major problem in itself, if you use it inappropriately.

One of the greatest examples of a nice person is Nelson Mandela. His kind and gentle personality has helped him win over many of his opponents.