What Makes a Nice Person?

A nice person is someone who is pleasant to be around and a good influence. They inspire people and have a large pool of genuine friends. They also genuinely care about others and their thoughts, words and actions show this.

The word nice comes from the Latin term nia, which means “to be good.” It’s a popular synonym for kind and is often used to describe someone who acts in a way that is kind or helpful. It’s also used to describe a city, town or country that is considered to be pleasant.

Almost everyone likes to be in the company of someone who is nice. The good feeling of spending time with a nice person makes you feel good about yourself and increases your sense of self-worth. In fact, researchers have found that people who are socially anxious benefit from being nice to others because it helps them overcome their fears and build confidence.

Nice people aren’t perfect and they have flaws of their own but they are always trying to improve themselves. They do their best to avoid making the same mistake twice and they strive to always make their decisions from a fair perspective.

They don’t focus on popularity but they don’t want to sacrifice their values just to win friends. They don’t take advantage of people and they will speak up if something isn’t right, even if it can lead to losing friendships.

People who are nice aren’t afraid to say how they feel and what they need, which can be a big help for those who find it hard to express their feelings. This can be particularly difficult for those who have a tendency to put on a mask of politeness, but it’s important to remember that emotions are an integral part of the human experience and must be cultivated and expressed in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Keeping your own needs and feelings hidden can be very dangerous because you can never be sure who might hear them, or how they might react to them. For example, if you don’t let someone know that you need a hug, they might not realize it. They might also think you’re being a bad friend or that you’re trying to be too nice.

You can’t always predict when you’re going to need a friend or an ear, but you should definitely ask for one. When you do, you’ll likely get a warm smile and someone will listen to you with compassion.

The nice people in your life may be able to help you with some of the most important things in your life. They can lend you a listening ear, offer advice, give you a shoulder to cry on or just be there for you when you need to talk.

They can also help you with your finances, give you a ride or provide a meal when you’re in a pinch. They can also be your cheerleader and they’ll tell you that you can do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.