What is Good?

Good is a central pillar of our vision. We have a growing body of research to show that people want to support good and are drawn to stories of success, especially when they are related by the personal experiences of others like themselves. That’s why we create long-form content that reaches more than just the eyeballs.

Good is about building a positive world through innovation and collaboration. It’s about connecting people with each other and the natural environment, creating better ways to live, work and play. It’s about improving the human condition through technology, for example allowing people in different locations around the world to connect with each other during times of disaster and tragedy by using simple signaling technologies like VoIP.

It’s about inspiring people to make a difference and creating a culture of kindness in society. It’s about sharing stories of the many acts of kindness and heroism that happen during a crisis, as well as the efforts of people to make our world safer and happier.

Generally speaking, an article is considered good when it has passed through the good article nomination process successfully and meets the core set of editorial standards. This includes being well-written, factually accurate and verifiable, broad in coverage, neutral in point of view, stable, illustrated, and supported by relevant images with suitable copyright licenses. See Wikipedia:Good articles for further details.