The Role Of a Coordinating Centre for Mental Health And Clinical Research

Nice is a large city in northern France, which is well-known as the wedding capital of France and one of the best cities to be based in Europe. It is also popular for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful locations and numerous other attractions. In fact, Nice has everything which a big city must offer. So, if you are thinking of a great location for your new office or even a nice weekend getaway, Nice could be the perfect destination.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is an independent executive body of the United Kingdom’s Department of Health, which publishes guidelines on patient care in four disciplines: clinical practice, general medical services, public health and occupational health. In addition, they regulate the quality of care in those fields. According to their 2021 Nice ranking methodology, the area of speciality (e.g., pathology, endocrinology, cardiology) was introduced to create a “more flexible” Nice scoring system. A neat feature that the NICE has introduced is to compare Nice with other UK locales, to determine which areas provide better health care for people with specific needs and characteristics. According to the ranking methodology, the most populous localities in Nice consist of the island of Anguilla (which is famous for its beaches), the town of Cannes (famous for its film industry), and the island of Corsica. The most populated surrounding area is the coastal region of Guadeloupe.

Therefore, in order to be considered as one of the primary care hospitals in Nice, you have to have up-to-date and comprehensive primary care, hospital medicines, surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, radiology, emergency care and secondary treatment. You have to follow nice clinical guidelines on the services you provide, so that patients will receive the best possible treatment according to their individual conditions and requirements. You need to have qualified staff and nurses, and you should have well developed relationships with your primary care physicians and consultants, so that they can recommend the most appropriate clinical and radiological services to the patients. All these factors are crucial when you are aiming to be considered as one of the top rated hospitals in Nice, France.

In order to maintain a high level of patient care and to keep Nice well within its budget, the Nice General Hospital follows certain guidelines on many different aspects of health care. It aims at providing state of the art treatments for all kinds of diseases and medical conditions, and it strives to improve the quality of health care services provided by local hospitals and clinics. First of all, it provides for co-morbid conditions, such as psychological problems and behavioural issues. The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health and Clinical Excellence (NC QC CE) is the independent body that supervises all aspects of health care in Nice, through the use of agreed protocols and standards. Other important associations are the French Association of General Practitioners (AGPE) and the French Association for General Practitioners’ Education (FAPPE).

The main reason behind the high cost of hospital treatments in Nice is the fact that the general population has a high expectation of being offered the best possible care, even though they pay a great deal more than they could for similar treatments in other areas of France. For instance, the cost of an outpatient treatment may sometimes be more than a third higher in Nice than in another part of France, even if the services are of the same high quality. This is because the Nice patients tend to be extremely anxious and afraid of being refused treatment, even if they do not require it. There is no real control over the behavior of Nice’s patients, but this makes them a vulnerable group, especially those who cannot afford to pay high costs.

These problems are solved in Nice through the provision of extra social care services, in the form of a Coordinating Centre for Mental Health and Clinical Research (CCRM). This centre was set up in 2021, and is led by a consultant, Dr. Anne Pelouch. It brings together all the different aspects of Nice health services, including the local authorities, hospitals, local clinics, local consultants and mental health professionals. Through its programme of research and service delivery, the CCRM seeks to ensure that the people of Nice have access to world class health and community services at a very low cost. Through its various integrated projects, it aims to improve the quality of health and social care in Nice and suburbs in general.