The Myth Concerning Being Nice


The Myth Concerning Being Nice

Many people believe that being nice means that you have to pretend to be nice. It sounds nice to me. I am sure if I tried to explain it in those words people would agree with me, but the truth is it isn’t nice to pretend to be nice. Those who try to act nice are just pretending to be nice.

The definition of nice can be found in the dictionary. Nice is described as something that is in very good or fair condition and is pleasant to those who see it. An obvious example of nice would be a description of a beautiful person that everyone likes and that’s also in very good condition. An example of nice would be a beautiful sofa in very good condition at a very reasonable price. We would all be glad to have such a thing.

To describe someone as being nice would require a bit more creativity than that. The first evidence we have for someone being nice would be if they offered us a cup of coffee. That coffee would be very nice of course, but what else did they offer? A magazine subscription, a discount on their products, or even a free small snack would be considered to be very nice. So if someone offered you that and it wasn’t too obvious that they were trying to be nice, then it would be considered to be first evidence that a person is nice.

So what does this have to do with being nice? Well it would seem that being nice has very little to do with actually being nice. A person can be very nice to you and still be rude and hurtful. This is because the word “nice” doesn’t actually mean anything. You have seen movies where the nicest people are always berated by the mean people and it is very clear that those are the people who are nice.

It is suggested that the latin word for nice actually meant something completely different. In the original language, the word might have been “sapa”. This word has nothing to do with being nice. However, it could mean respectful or compassionate. The meaning of the word might be closer to kindness than anything else.

The problem with the word might be that it has become attached to being polite. You might have been raised in a household where being nice was looked upon as being polite. If that is the case, then it is likely that the word might be considered as acceptable. However, the original meaning means to be humble or respectful. It isn’t something that should be used as a way to pretend to be nicer than others.