The Meaning of the Word “Nice”


The term “nice guy” is a derogatory term for men who believe that women should only choose nice men for sex. Some men still think of themselves as “nice guys,” using sexist language to describe women. Many Nice Guys see themselves as heroes because they do not hit or rap women. They do not perceive themselves as sexual assaults, because they merely grope women or use a soft touch. Rather than thinking about what sexual assault actually means, they tend to associate it with violence.

Among the many meanings of the word “nice,” there are numerous examples. It can be used to mean “good,” “nice,” or “nice work.” It can also refer to an admirable act or situation, and it can be a compliment. If you are doing something well, you may say “nice up.” It is a polite expression that is intended to suggest that it is of the highest quality. It can also mean “fastidious,” which some people consider the correct sense.

NICE guidance and quality standards can be used to demonstrate compliance with the law or for the Care Quality Commission. Many of the examples included in NICE shared learning are real-world examples of how NICE standards have been implemented. The NICE Shared Learning Awards recognize the best examples. In addition to the Shared Learning Awards, NICE conducts consultations on new guidance and quality standards. The public is encouraged to give feedback. This helps NICE develop better guidance and facilitates professional development.