The Importance of Being Nice


Being nice isn’t something you can just do. It is a mindset that enables you to have a better life and be more effective in your daily interactions. Nice people and situations are generally pleasant and do not cause a lot of problems. However, not everyone is nice and there are many different ways to describe nice. For example, a parent might tell their child to be nice if their child does something rude. Nice is a broad term, and it is difficult to nail down its precise meaning.

Until recently, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence was responsible for developing quality standards and guidelines as well as a range of information services. While the content of the website is protected, you can download the materials you need for your own private research and for educational purposes. Commercial reproduction of any of NICE’s materials requires written permission from the NICE. NICE’s guidance and quality standards can be used for evidence before the Care Quality Commission. For example, NICE quality standards can help you demonstrate the value of a particular treatment for the patient.