The Concept of Good


Good is a word that has many interpretations and is used to describe a wide range of qualities. It is often a term of approval or recommendation. It also indicates a preference for certain kinds of things.

The concept of good has been around for a long time. Ancient philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato defined it in terms of the happiness of social beings in this life (see philosophy; ethics).

It is a broad concept, covering many meanings. Some of these are listed below:

Moral good

The moral good, according to Aristotle, is what man rationally judges to be the best in a given situation and which would result in his greatest happiness as a social being. It consists of his personal perfections and activities, as well as those he has contributed to society in which he lives.

This kind of good is distinguished from an ontological good, which is a more narrowly defined conception of human wellbeing. The ontological good is the total perfection and activity of a person’s corporeal-spiritual being, which can be compared to a standard exemplar. But although an individual’s ontological good is desirable, it does not reflect the ultimate state of human wellbeing and cannot be compared to God or other ideals in human thought.

A person’s moral good, on the other hand, is a more finely drawn concept of human wellbeing, reflecting the genuinely personal qualities that make the individual uniquely suited to living life fully as a member of society. This type of good is often regarded as a more noble and elevated conception of the human condition, particularly in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

It is this notion of goodness that underlies Christian thought and explains why Jesus is the supreme example of good. For Jesus, good is not merely an abstract idea or an object of desire or appetition; it is the way in which God created and maintains the universe.

The concept of good is also a key element in the concept of a divine being, a concept that underlies some of the most basic tenets of Christian theology and philosophy. The Bible defines the good in a variety of ways, ranging from a moral sense of right and wrong to a spiritual meaning.

A good person is one who is compassionate, caring and gentle; someone who is generous and kind; someone who is honest with themselves and others about their thoughts and feelings.

Good people are usually good listeners, and they always want to know what you think of something that they have said or done. They are also interested in helping you with anything that may be difficult for you, and they want to help you solve any problems you may have.

A good person is a person who strives to be an example for others in the way that they live their life, and who seeks to improve themselves through education and training. They also are willing to do what they can to improve their communities, churches and other organizations in order to serve their fellowman and make a difference in the world. They are a people who love their neighbors, their country and the Lord.