Is Evil Just Another Word For Goodness?

In most ethical context, the word good implies the course that ought to be favored whenever presented with a decision between good and possible bad outcomes. Good is typically regarded to be the opposite of bad, and plays an important role in the study of philosophy, ethics, religion and morality. On the other hand, bad is equated with the action or the course that should not be adopted.


In contemporary moral theories, good and evil are perceived as opposing principles of the universe. According to this conception, good is the principle that dominates over evil. It is necessary for us to live in a society that abides by the rules of morality. By the way, what exactly are the rules of morality? Well, it is just an important answer to the question that can be divided into two parts: Ethical principles and Laws.

Ethical Principles are universal and may be known as universal values. For instance, justice, fairness and respect are among the ethical principles. On the other hand, laws are universal rules that were derived from morality. It is necessary for every human being to respect the laws since these rules specify what is right and what is wrong. It also dictates who can acquire the goods and services and who cannot.

So, on the one hand we have the conception of good and evil, on the other hand we have the idea of good and evil. But in actuality, these notions are not identical. The good is not necessarily the opposite of the evil. Sometimes the good acts in good ways and sometimes the evil does something good. Nevertheless, there is a clear distinction between the good and the evil. The difference between the good and the evil is primarily associated with the will of man – his capacity to act out of his own good will.

A good person is one who acts from a good moral character. A person who acts from an evil moral character is generally said to be an evil person. This is because, generally speaking, bad characters are the ones who do things that are against the universal laws that guide all human actions. In fact, some people claim that goodness is the equivalent of justice and moral truth. On the other hand, we note that there are many who do not adhere to any code of behavior. A good person is the one who acts in accordance with these values and principles.

The issue of morality has become much more complex today than it used to be. We have seen mass religions, such as Islam and Christianity, in which the good and evil are conceived as synonymous terms. We also have the political systems of various countries where the government implements strict morality in order to keep the society together. Therefore, while ethics play a vital role in human societies, it is not always easy to determine the good from the bad.