How to Go From Good to Great


Good is a word that is used to describe the behavior or actions of someone that are considered right by moral standards or religious beliefs. It also is a word that means something that is pleasant, favorable, or nice.

A good product must be easy to use, understandable by users, deliver a useful value proposition and become better and harder to part with the more it is used. These characteristics all build upon one another and a product can’t be completely terrible at any of them, no matter how much it shines in one area.

For example, a home teleportation chamber would be pretty nifty if it were possible, but it doesn’t work because of the laws of physics. A flying car, on the other hand, would defy those laws, and it can’t be done.

That’s why you can’t just go with a great idea and expect it to change the world. You need a whole lot of other things to be successful, like the ability to do the work and people who want it enough that they’ll pay the price for it.

The same thing happens when you’re trying to get a company to become great. You need a whole lot of other factors in place, including leadership and culture. You need to make it a place where people care about doing the right thing and being ethical.

It takes a long time to turn a good company into a great one, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes thousands of small, incremental steps.

What Collins and his team found is that, in many cases, good companies became great by making a gradual change over a long period of time. For example, Kimberly-Clark made the transition from good to great over a period of 21 years.

Eventually, after years of effort, the transformation took on such a momentum that it was hard for the press to ignore it. In fact, some publications proclaimed that Kimberly-Clark was on the verge of becoming a disaster.

Instead of focusing on the big picture and the long-term vision, leaders of good-to-great companies focus on the little details that add up to the bigger idea. These details are called Hedgehog Concepts–basic principles that guide and unify all the decisions in a business.

A hedgehog concept is the basic principle that a company’s leaders use to guide their daily decisions and the day-to-day behaviors of all the people who make up the company. It’s what makes good-to-great companies so different from good ones.

The most important step in becoming a good writer is to stop worrying about the quality of your writing and start concentrating on being effective. That way, you can communicate the message that you want to send to your readers and they’ll be more likely to listen.

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