How to Be a Nice Person in the Workplace

A nice person is kind, compassionate and empathetic. They genuinely care about others and are willing to help whenever possible. This doesn’t always mean a grand gesture, but it could be something as simple as baking a friend a cake to cheer them up, sending words of encouragement, helping with a tricky project, or a text to let someone know they’re thinking about them. Nice people don’t hide their emotions but they also don’t let them get out of hand. They’re able to channel negative feelings like anger, sadness, and frustration into something constructive and productive, such as motivating others or turning them around.

A Nice Person Is Fair

People who are nice have an in-built sense of fairness. They are driven by a desire to treat everyone equally and fairly, regardless of the impact on themselves. They are unafraid to challenge the status quo or act for the greater good. In the workplace, this means they are receptive to new ideas and approaches. They also have the ability to see both sides of a situation and are not easily offended.

They Can Put Themselves In Other People’s Shoes

Nice people have the ability to empathise with others and can relate to their problems. They understand that we all have different values, beliefs, and feelings and they are able to accept this without judgement. They’re also able to offer sympathy when someone is having a bad day. They will listen carefully to understand other people’s points of view and are able to give constructive advice or feedback.

They’re Reliable

People who are nice are dependable and reliable. They follow through on their commitments and do what they say they will do. They don’t let other people down and they’re a trusted source of information. Nice people can be depended on to come through in a crisis. They’re also able to manage their time effectively so they don’t over commit and end up disappointing others.

They’re Good To Theirself

Nice people are good to themselves and they know that it’s important to take care of yourself. They’re able to set realistic expectations and boundaries for themselves. They’re also able to acknowledge their own shortcomings and work at improving them.

Nice is a word with many synonyms and uses, so it’s difficult to pin down one definition of the word. However, some of the most common senses include: