Get Your Vitamin C From the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Getting the proper amount of vitamin C is no easy task. The best sources of the good come from fruits like berries, nuts and leafy greens. The best way to get your fill is to eat a healthy breakfast and a big ol’ lunch. A healthy diet also helps you keep your cool.

A slew of health and fitness magazines and blogs are a good source of information. Getting in shape is a rite of passage for many. Getting your heart pumping is the biggest challenge. You’ll want to find a workout buddy to keep you on track. Good luck! Fortunately, you can take your cue from the pros. It’s not easy to get a leg up on the competition. Just keep in mind the rules of the game. A healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating right and hitting the gym.

It’s also a good idea to keep your eye on the prize. For example, you can’t expect to win the Super Bowl without a good workout. A good exercise program will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that’s balanced, enjoyable and rewarding.