Definitions of Nice

There are several definitions of nice, and different types of usage. In informal contexts, nice is used to describe something that is pleasant, such as a sunny day or pleasant atmosphere. In formal contexts, nice can be used to indicate liking something, but its use is not as widespread as its synonyms. Listed below are the most common senses of the adjective nice. This article explores these definitions and more. It may be helpful to consider the context of your writing before using this word in informal situations.

NICE guidance is based on evidence, and quality standards can be used as evidence to meet requirements from the Care Quality Commission. NICE guidance can be used to meet the requirements of different quality standards, and shared learning examples can demonstrate how these standards are being implemented in practice. The best examples of implementation are recognised at the Shared Learning Awards. To help implement the NICE standards, you can participate in its consultation process by becoming a NICE Fellow. Fellowships help people get involved with the agency and develop their skills.