Bicycle Frames – What You Should Know About Them


Bicycle Frames – What You Should Know About Them

A bicycle, sometimes called a wheeled bike or pedal cycle, is a pedal-powered or human-driven, two-wheeled vehicle, with both wheels connected to a rigid framework, one behind another. A bicycle rider is often described as a bicycle commuter, or bicycle rider. The bicycle is considered an economical way of travel, as well as a safe and convenient way of traveling in many urban areas around the world. In fact, there are more bicycle riders than motorists (cars) in the U.S.

When you look at the way you sit on a bicycle, the most important thing to consider is your frame and the type of wheels and tires you select. Other important factors include seat comfort, handlebar height, handlebar control, saddle positioning, hand controls, and material selection. These selection points are covered in separate articles.

A bicycle with fixed front wheels and a rigid seat tube is a “quadruple.” A “quintriple” bicycle has a seat tube that is coupled with a rigid fork. A “saddlebag” bicycle has no front seat, and only a back rest that supports the pedals. The typical “bicycle taxi” has no seat, pedals, or handlebars. This type of bicycle has no freewheel, but instead has a “leaver” that allows the wheel to turn without the support of a chain.

Two-wheel and four-wheel travel bicycles are more popular today than the single-wheeled models. A “dual” bicycle is a four-wheel traveling bicycle that has a freewheel. A “quadruple” bicycle is a type of two-wheeled travel bicycle that has a freewheel. A “tricycle,” which has four wheels, is considered by many to be the ancestor of the modern day electric bicycle.

The style of bicycle that a person would choose depends on their purpose. People who need a bicycle to simply “ride” have a much different type of frame than those who need a bicycle with an extended wheel base. People who need a bicycle for indoor use typically choose the more upright design. On the other hand, people who need a bicycle to commute to work and a variety of other destinations will want a freewheel design. People who need a bicycle to perform all of the normal day-to-day activities will want a frame with a small amount of suspension. Finally, the rider will want a high-performance bicycle that has wide, comfortable tires for optimum performance.

Today, most bicycle frames have both a straight seat and a curved seat. In the early days of two-wheeled bicycles, the seat was straight while the rear wheel stayed close to the ground. Today, many bicycle makers are making bikes that are capable of being ridden either way. Many cyclists prefer the feel of the curved seat.