7 Ways to Become a More Kind Person


Nice is an adjective that means “pleasant, good-looking or pleasant.” It is also a noun meaning “a person who is nice” or “an act of kindness”.

A person who is nice is friendly and helpful to others. They show interest in other people and care about their feelings. They often give their time to others, not expecting anything in return.

They are also able to make others feel better by doing kind gestures and making them smile. Whether it is a small gesture such as holding a door open for someone, or helping someone with their grocery shopping, these acts of kindness can be the difference between a person feeling loved and cared about and someone feeling stressed out.

Some people are born with a natural knack for being nice to others, while other people need to work at it. If you’re one of those who needs to work at it, there are plenty of ways to become a more kind person.

1. Be Genuinely Nice

The best way to become a more kind person is to be honest with yourself and with others. That means being real and authentic, not fake or avoiding your true emotions for the sake of seeming “nice.”

2. Be Patient with Other People

A nice person is usually very patient and understands that others take time to complete tasks. This is shown by their willingness to take a waiter’s or restaurant worker’s order and their ability to communicate with a friend in a calm, respectful manner.

3. Be Patient With Yourself

A person who is nice tends to be more patient with themselves, which helps them achieve their goals. They do not rush their progress or try to do too much at once and they are aware of their own weaknesses.

4. Be More Gratitude

A very nice person is more likely to be grateful for the things that they have in their life. They are more likely to appreciate the food they eat, the people they meet and even the simple things like having a beautiful day or good health.

5. Be More Dedicated to a Cause

A person who is genuinely nice is also dedicated to a cause that they believe in. They may be a volunteer or they may choose to spend their spare time working on a project that they really care about.

6. Do Random Acts of Kindness

A study found that doing random acts of kindness, such as holding a door for an elderly or a disabled person, can help lower stress levels and increase your sense of well-being. This is because it releases both serotonin and oxytocin, which are both known to reduce anxiety and promote mood stability.

7. Be a Better Listener

A genuinely nice person is attentive to the people around them and is willing to listen to their stories. They are also able to pick up on subtle social cues and understand when they need to adjust their behavior or respond differently.