What Is Good?


Good is the most general of all positive evaluations, used in a wide range of contexts. It suggests that a thing is worthy of choice, preferable, or desirable. Good is also used in a variety of idioms to convey satisfaction, pleasure, approval, or commendation. It is the adverb of choice in sports, where it often expresses emotional intensity, as in I’m glad you came; That was a really good game; We’ll win next time; You played a very good hand; and I’m happy for you.

Good is a frequent subject of philosophical study, especially in ethical philosophy. Several schools of thought have developed, notably deontological ethics, utilitarianism, and metaethics. These ethical theories are based on various assumptions about what makes something good and how one should act to make something good.

Throughout history, philosophers have discussed different conceptions of the good and how to achieve it. Some, such as Aristotle and Jeremy Bentham, have focused on the prudentially good; others, like Plato and Aristotle, have focused on the morally good (what it means to live well).

The word good is also used in various idioms to convey satisfaction, pleasure, or approval: That’s a good idea; It’s a real good story; It’s a really good film; A good teacher is hard to find; The food was very good. It is an important part of speech and writing that often requires special care in the choice of words and in how it is used to convey emotion and meaning.

In the English language, good is an irregular adjective, with accepted comparative and superlative forms better and best. The word has also been borrowed into many other languages, including French bon, German guten, Italian bello, and Spanish bueno.

A good article is a thoughtfully written piece of journalism that is informative, interesting, and/or entertaining to read. The key to writing a good article is doing a thorough job of research and getting all the facts correct. It is also essential to be passionate about the topic you are writing about, as this will come through in the article and will help engage the reader.

The best way to write a great article is to choose an interesting and controversial topic that is pertinent to your audience’s needs and interests. It is also important to be prepared for any questions or comments that may arise from your research, and to be ready to respond quickly and honestly. Finally, be sure to proofread your work before submitting it for publication. This will ensure that your work is accurate and free of errors. Also, be sure to include your sources in your article to avoid plagiarism and give credit where it is due. Lastly, a good article should be organized in a clear and logical manner that will allow the reader to understand the topic and follow the story. This will make the article easier to read and more enjoyable for your audience. This will increase the likelihood that your audience will come back to your site and recommend it to others.