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Good Credit: How to Improve Your Credit Scores

In many contexts, the word good means the course which should be favored whenever faced with a tough choice between two possible alternatives. Good, on the other hand, is normally thought of as the opposite of evil, which, in turn, is the opposite of good. There are many related concepts in philosophy and ethics, some of which are called ‘goodness’ and ‘virtue’. However, when we speak of ‘goodness’, it usually signifies personal goodness, i.e., an end to certain forms of wrong doing, or at least a commitment not to commit similar wrongdoing in the future. But ‘good’ in this context does not refer only to a capacity to contribute towards one’s own gain.


One of the prime examples of a concept connected with good is the idea of a ‘good day’. According to this concept, a good day is that which permits us to do all that is required to contribute to the realization of our ends. A ‘good day’ could involve any number of things, such as being able to enjoy leisure time, spending leisure time with loved ones, accomplishing goals, developing interpersonal relationships, being able to deal with stress, developing self-confidence, overcoming anxiety, making a good impression on others and so on. The idea of a ‘good day’ is important enough to warrant mention.

Another concept associated with good credit score is ‘payment history’. According to this concept, a good payment history in any given period of time is a measure of a person’s financial responsibility. Poor payment history, on the other hand, is a signal that the borrower cannot or will not repay what is owed to the lending parties. According to this concept, lenders consider late payments on the credit cards and other bills as negative activity and this action reduces the borrower’s ability to borrow from other people or companies. Thus, according to this view, those who repeatedly fail to pay their bills or meet their obligations may have a poor credit history.

One of the most significant factors that lenders use to calculate a payment history is the frequency of late payments. For instance, if you consistently make late payments on your credit cards, you will be considered a high-risk consumer by many lenders. Lenders will assess you as a high-risk consumer and will therefore charge higher interest rates to your credit cards. Conversely, if you pay your bills on time, you will be considered a low-risk consumer. Your credit report will reflect that you have a good payment history with your credit cards, thus improving your credit scores.

One more concept that lenders use to determine the credit score of a consumer is the soft inquiry process. In this process, lenders take into account how many times creditors request information about you through the credit reports. This includes requests made directly by creditors (such as requesting details about previous addresses and other relevant information), letters that lenders send out, and faxed requests. Because lenders rely on the soft inquiries to determine your creditworthiness, there is a strong likelihood that lenders will consider you a high-risk consumer if you consistently make the majority of these soft inquiries. However, this is not considered a major factor when lenders review your credit reports.

There are several different ways to improve your credit scores if you want to get a good credit rating. These concepts, including your payment history and the frequency of late payments, are considered by lenders to be among the most important factors in determining your credit scores. If you pay your bills on time and don’t make too many late payments, you can expect to have good credit scores. If you consistently make late payments or miss payments altogether, however, you will have a lower credit score. You can learn more about your credit scores – including common mistakes to avoid – by registering for a free credit report online.

History of the Bicycle

A bicycle, also known as a bicycle or bike, is a pedal-driven or self-propelled, two-wheeled, motorized, single-wheel track vehicle, with two pedals attached to a rigid frame, one on each side of the seat. A bicycle rider is often described as a racer, or cyclist. Many countries across the world recognize bicycles as a popular mode of transport and some even have a national bicycle race. Bicyclists are considered to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable form of transportation in comparison to automobiles and SUVs. The lack of fuel consumption is also seen as an advantage for many bicycle riders.

A bicycle has two pedals attached on each side of the seat with the bicycle wheels touching the ground. The bicycle wheels are typically fixed to the frame on all four wheels while the handlebars are mounted on the top forks of the bicycle. On some bicycles a front brake is added to provide a smoother braking experience.

In the United States, there are two types of bicycles: a touring bicycle and a utility bicycle. Touring bicycles are used for commuting between destinations by road. A utility bicycle is used for light exercise and commuting and is typically smaller in size and equipped with more powerful and lighter aluminum wheels.

One of the first bicycles to be developed for both utility and Touring purposes was the velocipede, which was invented by the French bicycle maker, Louis de Balzac. Velocipedes feature a single-gear system that allows for very smooth pedaling. This was later followed by the development of the two-wheeled bicycle by the English bicycle maker, John Pilsworth. In the late nineteenth century, the English bicycle maker, Richard Taylor, made major advances in the design of the bicycle by creating what is known today as the touring bicycle. Touring bicycles of the late nineteenth century had almost the same design features of the velocipede.

When it comes to the style of the bicycle today, there are two major types: the urban bicycle and the country bicycle. The former features a narrow seat and handlebars and a bicycle with larger and more aerodynamic tires for maximum speed. The country bicycle, on the other hand, features a bicycle with wider tires for a comfortable ride. Both styles of bicycle use bicycle wheels that are mounted on a narrow and deep rims. The rims are typically made from steel.

The typical size of bicycle wheels today is 14 inches, but there are several sizes available, depending on the rim and tire diameter. Bicycle wheels are typically classified as smooth, hard, or spoke. A spoke rim has tubular spokes, while the hard rims have tubular spokes that are made out of iron or aluminum.

Variasi Games Slot Prematicplay Paling Terkenal 2020

Saat ini games slot pragmatic play telah sanggup menaklukkan keberadaan
games yang lain. Gameplaynya yang rileks memang pas buat dimainkan
pemain Indonesia. Bahkan juga nyaris serupa dengan togel justru lebih menguntungkan
karena penetapan kemenangan dapat diadakan dalam perhitungan detik saja.
Bahkan juga menurut perkiraan banyak faksi, games ini bakal dapat menaklukkan
keberadaan poker yang telah lama kuasai dunia judi Indonesia. Oleh karena itu
sambil menanti hal itu terjadi. Sebaiknya Anda yang mempunyai keinginan
untuk bermain supaya pelajari variasinya.
Games slot sama dengan games betting yang lain yang mempunyai variasi juga.
Jadi penyeleksian variasi penting untuk dilaksanakan karena bakal tentukan sukses atau
tidaknya saat bermain. Lalu apa variasi yang patut buat dimainkan? Untuk
tentukan hal itu sebetulnya bergantung dari hasrat individu.
Tapi jika Anda mempunyai hasrat biasa, memakai variasi slot terpopuler
tahun 2020 ialah opsi tepat. Bukan tanpa argumen variasi itu jadi
terkenal karena sudah tentu beberapa orang menyenanginya. Untuk memperjelasnya, berikut
pembahasan berkenaan beberapa variasi games slot terpopuler 2020.
Tapi untuk dapat memperoleh semua variasi ini Anda harus tergabung di website
prematicplay. Pasalnya website ini sebagai penyuplai games slot paling komplet
dan berkualitas. Telah eksper dalam menyiapkan games slot online
di Indonesia menjadikan opsi terbaik untuk Anda saat bermain.
Games Slot Singgel Line
Games slot prematicplay terpopuler pada tahun 2020 ialah orisinal. Slot orisinal
ini dipisah jadi dua variasi untuk sekarang ini. Tapi saat sebelum berkembang jadi
dua variasi. Cuman ada satu variasi slot yaitu singgel line. Lewat tipe ini Anda bakal
bermain pada pemain berpenghasilan fantastis.
Lebih detilnya pada tipe games ini bakal membuat Anda taruhan pada satu line
saja . Maka cuman ada satu garis yang jadi tujuan menang di games. Buat
dapat menang pada games ini harus dapat membuat garis itu berisi gambar-
gambar yang serupa.

Walau berkesan susah, tapi kemenangan bakal terjaga di sini. Tiap satu
kemenangan bakal dapat beri bayaran capai beberapa ratus bahkan juga beberapa ribu kali lipat.
Jadi bermodal beberapa ribu rupiah saja bakal dapat membuat Anda berpeluang
menang sampai juta-an. Memikat buat Anda coba kan?
Games Slot Multiple Line
Lanjut pada games atau games yang ke-2 ialah multiple line. Games satu ini
sebagai hasil peningkatan dari singgel line. Mengangkat ide yang
berkebalikan dari singgel line patut buat dicoba. Lebih detilnya multiple line bakal
membuat Anda dapat bermain pada suatu games yang gampang untuk dimenangi.
Ini karena jumlah line yang dipakai enggak lah satu. Bakal ada beberapa line
pada sebuah mesin slot. Bahkan juga ada beberapa puluh line yang bakal dapat dipakai. Sama sesuai
dengan namanya multiple line, memiliki arti bakal ada beberapa line yang ada. Dengan
banyak line bakal memudahkan peroleh kemenangan.
Tetapi ada sesuatu hal yang dipertaruhkan yaitu bayaran. Di sini bayaran bakal diperkecil
karena gampangnya kemenangan itu. Bayaran pada games multiple line cuman
bakal sekitar beberapa puluh sampai beberapa ratus kali lipat. Walau kecil, tapi bayaran ini
bakal menjadi fantastis jika Anda dapat terus-terusan peroleh kemenangan
Games Prematicplay Video Poker (Poker Slot)
Lanjut pada tipe games setelah itu video poker. Tipe slot ini berlainan karena
melewatinya Anda bakal disandingkan dengan games poker. Tiap perputaran judi slot
bakal digabungkan dengan kartu tangan . Maka untuk menang enggak harus
memperoleh gambar sama karena kartu tangan poker tersusun dari kartu berbeda-
Lantas bagaimanakah berpenghasilan dalam games? Untuk bayaran bergantung dari
kemampuan kartu tangan yang didapat. Makin fantastis kemampuan kartu tangan bakal
membuat Anda dapat peroleh bayaran yang lebih fantastis. Karena itu penting untuk
ketahui kartu tangan supaya Anda dapat minimal tahu games bakal jalan adil
Games Tembak Ikan (Fish Hunter)
Satu kembali tipe games slot yang dapat Anda permainkan slot prematicplay yang dapat Anda
permainkan ialah tembak ikan. Tembak ikan sebagai games yang memikat karena
melewatinya Anda dapat peroleh kemenangan secara gampangnya. Dengan berperang
menantang pemain yang lain dalam memburu ikan, Anda bakal memperoleh chip darinya.

Semakin fantastis ikan sukses Anda bunuh bakal semakin fantastis bayaran yang didapat.
Di sini bakal ada beberapa tipe ikan dan makluk laut yang lain . Maka games slot ini bukanlah
ambil menarik tuas tetapi persaingan antara pemain dalam merebutkan
buruan. Sebuah alternative yang baik jika jemu slot umumnya.
Setelah Anda ketahui bakal ketentuan main dari games slot terpopuler pada tahun
2020. Anda bebas ingin pilih games mana saja bergantung dari hasrat individu. Lantas
buat dapat semakin mengoptimalkan hasil games. Dalami sistem bermain slot
prematicplay opsi agar dapat memasangkan bet lebih tepat.

Kata kunci : Prematicplay
Deskripsi : Variasi games slot prematicplay yang paling

Is Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin Worth the Gambling?

Anyone who invests money, whether an investment fund is an investment fund, stock or cryptocurrency, says that there are some risks and rewards involved in investing. It can be just as much gambling as placing a bet at roulette or a bitcoin sports betting.

One of the keys to investing and gambling success is managing your bankroll. There are many strategies and ways to do this. However, one of the most popular ways to manage risk is related to a concept called cost averaging of the dollar.


Contents [show]

What is dollar cost averaging?


Dollar cost averaging is essentially the practice of averaging a potential acquisition or desired level of investment over weeks or months, rather than investing a full lump sum at once. The purpose of practicing dollar cost averaging is to reduce the effects of volatility in the short term while achieving their long-term investment objectives and investing in a manner that provides the desired level of market exposure and thus the desired level of exposure. risk versus reward.


Gambling on Bitcoin, hedging risk with dollar cost averaging


PlanB is the username of a Twitter user known as the whale / senior investment advisor in Bitcoin. Also known as PlanB, he made a popular hypothesis about the future price of Bitcoin. The stock flow pricing model. The stock flow hypothesis argues that a decline in the supply of new Bitcoin over time, accelerated by a Bitcoin halving event that occurs approximately every four years, will continuously increase the price in the long run.

PlanB notes that anyone who has invested in Bitcoin on a sliding scale system from 2017 until this year would have reaped a return of up to 70% during this period. Considering the average annual return in a well-diversified stock portfolio or real estate investment, usually around 10%, gaining seven times the return through dollar cost, averaging Bitcoin’s position is a huge profit.


Bitcoin Gamble with 70% yield


The strategy works like this: An investor buys Bitcoin in 2017 as the price rises, slowly increasing his investment. As the price peaks at the end of the year, investment would continue to rise steadily, but the amounts would fall as the price drops (which a smart investor would definitely do, given how many hoops there were around Bitcoin and the fact that excitement was ridiculously high). achieved).

Consistent investment during 2018, while decreasing the monthly amount (or any chosen payment frequency and then increasing your investment again in 2019) would have resulted in a 70% return on all of your major investments over three years.

He would have dispelled his gambling in three years and seen his bankroll rise significantly.


Can Bitcoin gamblers and investors keep bringing the average dollar cost forward?


As they say in investing and Bitcoin gambling: The history of the past does not necessarily dictate future results. So the big question is, can those who are considering starting big on Bitcoin use a one-dollar cost averaging strategy and still be successful ??

The question must be answered in the affirmative. While Bitcoin is relatively new to the investment and gambling scene compared to other forms of both activities, the concept of dollar cost averaging has always been a tried and tested method of managing risk and reward.

Think logically, is it better to dip your toe in the water and slowly go into the water when you realize sharks are swimming around you? Or is it better to jump in your head first and let the sharks see you alive?

Risk management is clearly the better approach. In investing and gambling, it’s not just the selection of winners that matters. He survived long enough to learn and has the money to continue investing in Bitcoin once he knows what he’s doing. In part, that’s why dollar cost averaging works so well.

Invest in Bitcoin over time. Deal with volatility and enjoy the benefits in the long run instead of focusing on the short term. This is the key to success.

Playson Slots Overview (2021) – Here are the best Playson slots!

Playson is a provider of casino games based in Malta that was established in 2012. The company operates in regulated markets such as Malta, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The Playson game collection includes over 60 games with mostly slots, but there are also table games and roulette games.

Playson now employs several hundred people in offices around the world in Malta, Ukraine, the UK and Greece. In 2015, Playson received an important license from the UK Gambling Commission to operate legally in the UK market.

Slot Imperial Fruits from Playson

This is Imperial Fruits, a brand new slot machine game from Playson released on August 29, 2019.

Playson logo of the casino game providerUser rating of the Playson service provider:

Contents [show]

Playson game features
Here are some features of the Playson game.

All Playson games are based on HTML5, which means that the games are adapted to mobile devices and work well on desktop computers as well. HTML5 games also run fast and don’t need special add-ons to download, unlike older platforms like Adobe Flash.
The choice of games is not very large (over 60 games), but the quality of the game is very high.
Many Playson games also contain some elements of gamification. This means that casino games contain elements from the computer or video games such as collecting points or choosing which way the game goes next.
RTP% (return to player) is about 96%, depending on the game. So the edge of the house is about 4%. This is considered an average in casino games with high quality graphics, sound and gameplay.
The most popular game terms in Playson
Here are some of the most popular Playson slot machines introduced.

1. The Book of Gold: A Double Chance
The Book of Gold: Double Chance is a 5 reel slot machine with a choice of symbols in the free spins game. This slot machine game was released on October 18, 2018.

If you get 3 or more scatter symbols (Books of Gold), you get 10 free spins. Before the free rotation mode, 2 special expansion symbols will be randomly selected.

The Book of Gold: A Double Chance

Book of Gold: Slots is a double chance game from Playson.

Published game: October 2018

RTP (back to player): 95.04%

Variance: Medium high

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 10

2. Viking gods: Thor & Loki
Viking Gods: Thor & Loki is a 5-reel, Playson 5-reel, automatic game. The game was released on October 10, 2017. The slot game features very sharp graphics and smooth animations. Also the ancient music in the background is very cool.

Viking Gods: Thor & amp; Loki from Playson.

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki slot game from Playson.

There are also 2 different bonus rounds. If you get a full table of Thor Bonus or Loki Bonus on the 3rd reel, you will get 10 free spins of Thor or Loki.

Loki bonus round – almost!

Loki bonus round – almost!

The return to the player is 96.88%, which is considered pretty good. Usually the average level is around 96% in vending machines.

Published game: October 2017

RTP (back to player): 96.88% (good!)

Variance: Medium

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 15

3. Wealth of clover
The Clover Riches slot game on the theme of Leprechaun was released on September 26, 2019. The graphics are very beautiful and also the cartoon-like music makes it feel like a fairy tale.

If you get a Wild sign (Leprechaun), it will double the winnings when the Wild sign replaces along the winning line.

Clover Riches slot game from Playson

This is a Cloys Riches slot game from Playson. The leprechaun in the upper right is the Wild symbol. The bonus-clover starts the free spins game if you get 3 or more.

If you get three or more clover bonuses, you run a free spin game. You can choose from 3 different free spins:

24 free spins with x2 winning multiplier or
12 free spins with x4 win multiplier or
8 free spins with x6 win multiplier.
Leprechaun Wild simbol

The Leprechaun Wild symbol doubled the win for this line.

Published game: September 2019

RTP (povratak na player): 95,41%

Varijansa: Nepoznato

Izgled: 5 x 3

Linije za klađenje: 20

4. Moćna Afrika: 4096 načina
Moćna Afrika: 4096 načina je slot igra sa 6 kolutova osnovana 24. siječnja 2019. Kao i u ostalim novim igraćim automatima Playson, grafika, zvukovi i igranje igre u Moćnoj Africi na vrlo su visokoj razini. Kvalitetan rad rekao bih!

Naziv utora 4096 načina dolazi iz činjenice da imate 4096 načina za pobjedu u redovima.

Slot s temom afričkih životinja sadrži Wild i Scatter simbole.

Mighty Africa: 4096 automata modes

Moćna Afrika: 4096 načina igraćih automata od dobavljača igara Playson. Igra sadrži Wild i Scatter simbole koje možete vidjeti ovdje.

If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols, you will get a bonus game with free spins. If you get the Wild symbol during free spins, it will launch the Wild Split feature. Free spins will be launched as follows:

6x Scatter – 50 free spins
5x Scatter – 25 free spins
4x spreading – 15 free spins
3x Scatter – 8 free spins
If you get a 2x Scatter in a free spins game, you will get additional free spins.
Overall, the overall feel of the game is pretty slow and relaxed. So if you like slower games, the Mighty Africa slot machine might be for you.

Published game: January 2019

RTP (return to player): 95.10%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 6 x 4

Betting lines: 4096

5. Down the pub
Down in the pub is a 5-reel, pub-themed vending machine. According to Playson, Down the Pub Slot is best visited on a Friday night. This slot machine was released on December 15, 2015.

Down in the Pub slot

Down in the Pub slot from Playson.

The Down Pub has a Wild symbol and Scatter symbols that trigger free spins. If you get 3 Scatters symbols (a symbol of free welcome spins), you will get a free game. The free rotation mode continues until the 3. Pint symbol appears.

There is also a bonus game. If you get the symbols B + O + N + U + S in the right order on the reels (regardless of the paylines) you will get a bonus game.

Down in the Pub game

I managed to get a bonus game on my testing. As long as the order of the letters BONUS is exactly in the reels, you will get a bonus game.

Bonus igra Down the Pub

In the bonus game you will be able to play an old slot machine in the corner of the pub.

All in all Down the Pub is a nice slot machine game with lots of interesting free spins and bonus games. If you like the bar theme (and beer), I can definitely recommend this slot machine game.

Published game: December 2015

RTP (return to player): 96.42%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 15

New game dates for Playson
Here are some of the latest Playson slot machines introduced.

1. Super Burning Wins: Respin
Super burning wins: Respin is a 3-reel fruit vending machine with a special respin option. The game was released on November 1, 2019.

Super Burning Wins: Respin

This is Super Burning Wins: Respin slot game by Playson.

Respin gives you a second chance. Respin is activated when 2 rings are filled with identical fruit symbols and an irresistible rotation occurs. A full screen of symbols will double the winnings.

Super Burning Wins: Respin

Here is the situation where the respin occurred because the 2 rings were full of the same fruit.

Super Burning Wins: Respin is a well made and simple slot game.

Published game: November 2019

RTP (return to player): 96%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 3 x 3

Betting lines: 5

2. The Book of Gold: A Choice of Symbols
The Book of Gold: Symbol Selection is a 5-reel slot machine with a selection of symbols in the free spins game. This slot game was released on October 11, 2019.

The Book of Gold: A Choice of Symbols

This is a Book of Gold: Symbol Choice slot machine from Playson.

If you get 3 scatter symbols (Golden Books), you run 10 free spins. You can select the Special expandable symbol before the free rotation mode. A special expandable symbol of your choice fills the entire reel.

The Book of Gold: A Choice of Symbols

I got two books on gold here and am waiting if I take the third. (Not)

Published game: October 2019

RTP (return to player): 95.95%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 10

Playson table games
Playson also offers several board games. Below is a screenshot of European roulette with a track. There’s also Black Jack Low which can be played at FortuneJack Casino.

European roulette from Playson

This is European Roulette with Track from Playson game supplier. This screenshot was taken from King Billy Casino.

Recommended bitcoin casinos with Playson games
These Bitcoin and crypto casinos have Playson casino games in their selection.

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to the site
FortuneJack casino logo

1.5 BTC + 250 free spins The bronze on the first deposit is 110% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 free spins. The total bonus is 5 BTC + 250 free spins. No deposit bonus: 25 free spins. Betting: 40x bonus. Playson games supported
Top casino

1492 kazino igre

4 own provably fair games

FortuneJack review
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Logotip kazina King Billy

1.5 BTC + 200 free spins
The first deposit bonus is 155% up to 1.5 BTC + 200 free spins for Wolf Moon Rising. The total bonus is 5.5 BTC + 200 free spins. Betting: 30x bonus.

Playson games supported
Exclusive bonus: 155%

Small bonus betting: 30x

3500+ casino games

Review of King Billy
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User reviews of Playson
Here is a summary of the user rating of the casino game provider Playson.

How do you like Playson casino games? Please share your thoughts below in the comment form!

Final thoughts
This was our article about Playson game vendor. Feel free to send an email, write a message via the contact form or write your comments or suggestions here!

Thanks for reading!

Sources for this article:

Playson service provider
FortuneJack Casino
Casino King Billy

Relax Gaming Slots Review (2021) – TNT Tumble, Snake Arena and more!

Relax Gaming is a casino slot machine provider with poker and bingo games as well. Relax Gaming was founded in 2010 by Patrik Österåker and Jani Tekoniemi with the goal of becoming the leading technical provider of high quality gaming solutions on their website .

Relax Gaming has offices in Finland, Helsinki (from 2011), Tallinn, Estonia (from 2012), Malmö, Sweden (from 2016), Malta (from 2018) and Belgrade, Serbia (from 2018) ..

Over the years, Relax Gaming has grown into a company with more than 100 employees.

Relax Gaming has gambling licenses from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission).

Money train slot by Relax Gaming.

Money train slot by Relax Gaming.

Relax Gaming logó

Relax Gaming Slot User Rating:

Contents [show]

New Relax Gaming slots
Here are some of the latest Relax Gaming slot games.

1. TNT Tumble (Released: April 2020)
TNT Tumble is a brand new slot machine that was released on April 1, 2020. The goal is to explode between layers of dark stone and collect precious crystals.

A játéktábla 5 x 7 szimbólumból áll, és nincsenek hagyományos nyerő sorok. Ehelyett egy sorban 3-7 szomszédos szimbólumot kell kapnia: vízszintes vagy függőleges. Így például négy négyzet alakú szimbólum nem számít nyereménynek, csak a vonalak számítanak.

TNT Tumble slot from Relax Gaming.

TNT Tumble slot a Relax Gaming cégtől.

A szimbólumszerkezet összeomlik, így amikor nyerést kap, ezek a szimbólumok eltűnnek. További szimbólumok esnek le a tárcsák tetejéről, és további győzelmeket válthat ki.

Ha a fő játék összes sötét kőtömbje megsemmisül, akkor a Ingyenes pörgetések funkció elnyerik.

Az ingyenes pörgetések során néhány sötét kőtömb különleges, és extra pörgetéseket vagy hozzáadott szorzókat tartalmaz. Vannak három különböző Free Spin mód amelyet kiválaszthat az ingyenes pörgetések megkezdése előtt:

Multiplier: Special stone blocks contain 1x, 2x or 3x added multipliers (Volatility: Very High).
Multipliers & Extra Spins: Special stone blocks contain added multipliers or extra spins (Volatility: High).
Extra spins: Special stone blocks contain 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 extra spins (Volatility: Medium).
TNT Tumble slot from Relax Gaming.

When you get the free spins feature, you can choose from these different bonus games. Volatility varies from very high to medium. If you want to hunt for bigger prizes (but less often), select Very High or High, but if you want to ensure a medium win (but more often), select Medium.

In all different modes, clearing every third complete row of dark stone blocks (third and special) means +2 free spins.

You can also purchase the free spins feature separately. The price is 70x full bet level.

TNT Tumble slot from Relax Gaming.

This is the free spins feature (multiplier). Purple gems hide different multipliers in this mode. If you drill all the dark stones, more layers of stone will appear, with more bonuses.

TNT Tumble slot from Relax Gaming.

Here is the middle free spins feature (Multiplier & Extra Spins). Dark stones with purple gems hide the multipliers, and cyan gems hide the extra spins.

Vad szimbólumok az orsó összes szimbólumát helyettesíti. Valószínűleg halmozott szegmensekben jönnek létre minden oszlopban. A Wildokban van egy trükk, mivel nem győzi őket megsemmisíteni. Ehelyett megsemmisülnek, amikor leesnek az alsó sorba, és egy győzelemben szerepelnek.

A vadak egyben a legjobban fizető szimbólumok is. A Pure Wild nyereményeket csak akkor értékelik, ha nincsenek szomszédos fizető szimbólumok az adott irányban.

Amikor a TNT blokk megsemmisül, vízszintesen megsemmisít minden más sötét kőtömböt azon a soron.

TNT Tumble slot from Relax Gaming.

Itt vannak a vad szimbólumok, amelyek a sötét kövek felé igyekeznek.

Következtetésképpen TNT Tumble egy nagyon szórakoztató és jól elkészített nyerőgép. A rés elrendezése nagyon különleges, 5 x 7 résszel és sötét kövekkel, amelyekbe belefúródhat.

Az ingyenes pörgetések bónusz játék is nagyon jó, és 3 különböző mód közül is választhat.

A TNT Tumble egy nagyon jól átgondolt, nyugtató háttérzene, de elegendő fellépés robbanó téglákkal ahhoz, hogy hosszabb ideig is foglalkozzon.

Mindkét remek a TNT Tumble-hez, kiváló munka!

Megjelent játék: 2020 április

RTP (visszatérés a játékoshoz): 96,11%

Variancia: Közepesen magas

Elrendezés: 5 x 7

Fogadási sorok / kombinációk: –

Max győzelem: 2088x tét

2. Snake Arena (Publikálva 2019. december)
Snake Arena is a 5 x 5 slot game with a regular 30 paylines. The game is a fantasy themed slot with some comic book style elements in the graphics.

Snake Arena slot machine from Relax Gaming.

Snake Arena slot machine from Relax Gaming.

The Free Spins feature is triggered by placing the Snake Head on reel 1 and the Knight symbol on any reel.

Snake Arena slot machine from Relax Gaming.

How to turn on the Free Spins feature: You only need to place the snake head on the reel1 and the knight symbol on each reel like here.

During free spins, a knight symbol lands on each spin. Before a new spin, the Snake moves towards the knight symbol.

When the snake reaches the knight, it eats it and the snake grows. A new spin will also start.
If the snake’s body is on its way, the snake will collapse and the free spins feature will cease.
If the snake fills in 2-5. On all reel positions, the free spins feature will be discontinued and additional winnings will be wagered 1000x .
Snake Arena slot machine from Relax Gaming.

This is a free spins bonus game. The Snake is heading for the Knight. The Snake grows one by one with each knight’s meal. The Snake functions as a large wild symbol at once.

Snake Arena slot machine from Relax Gaming.

When the Snake crashes on its own, the free spins feature expires.

You can also purchase the free spins feature at 70x stake. The RTP (Return to player) ratio is also the same as 96.25% for the Free Spins feature purchased.

The Knight symbol and any part of the Snake are Wild symbols and substitute for all other symbols.

A Vad üldözés funkció véletlenszerűen kiváltja. A Kígyó egy véletlenszerű orsó felett kukucskál, a Lovag pedig egy orsó alatt egyidejűleg. Ezt legfeljebb háromszor ismételhetjük meg.

Ha ugyanazokra az orsókra kukucskálnak, akkor az orsó vaddá válik, és a folyamat megismétlődik.

A vad üldözés során az orsók 1-5-ből lesz vad orsó.

Snake Arena slot machine from Relax Gaming.

Itt van a Snake Arena nyerőgép fő játék.

Következtetésképpen Kígyó Aréna nagyon szép nyerőgép. A grafika, az animációk és a játékmenet jól működik. Másrészt a Snake Arénából hiányzik egy kis személyiség véleményem szerint. Csak egy kígyó és egy lovag van, és elég nyájasak. Nem vagyok profi nyerőgép-tervező, de itt valamit jobban lehetne csinálni.

Az ingyenes pörgetés azonban meglehetősen egyedi, és a kígyó mozgását érdekes nézni.

Kis erőfeszítéssel a Snake Arena kiváló sláger lehet. De ahogy van, rendben működik, és érdemes kipróbálni, ha szereted a fantázia témájú slotokat egy kis komikus megközelítéssel.

Megjelent játék: 2019 december

RTP (visszatérés a játékoshoz): 96,25%

Variancia: Magas

Elrendezés: 5 x 5

Fogadási sorok: 30

Max győzelem: 2758x

A legérdekesebb Relax Gaming nyerőgépek
Íme néhány a legérdekesebb Relax Gaming nyerőgépek közül, amelyeket a választékból találtam. Mindegyiket érdemes megnézni!

1. Pénzvonat (közzétéve 2019. augusztus)
Pénzvonat egy nyugati film stílusú, 5 tárcsás nyerőgép, amelyet 2019 augusztusában tettek közzé. Vonatrablókat, fegyverlövéseket és adósságokat kell behajtani. 40 fizetési vonal van, és a játékot mindig az összes fizetős sor aktív állapotában játsszák.

Az általános nyugati érzés kiváló, főleg a country stílusú zene csak szögezi le.

Money train slot by Relax Gaming.

Pénzvonat slot a Relax Gaming által.

Vad szimbólum az összes többi szimbólum helyettesítője. Vannak kisebb szimbólumok (a kártyafedél illik) és a fő szimbólumok (a bankrablók).

A Money Cart bónusz kör leszállás váltja ki Bónusz szimbólum az 1., 3. és 5. tárcsán. Amint a bónuszkör elkezdődik, a három bónuszszimbólum felfed egy értéket, amely megtartja a szorzót, és 3 ingyenes pörgetést ad.

Money train slot by Relax Gaming.

There will be three bonus symbols in the Money Cart bonus round.

In the Money Cart bonus round, each new landing bonus symbol resets the spin counter to 3. You can also unlock additional reels in the Money Cart bonus round.

You can place these additional symbols below the bonus round:

Bonus Symbol: Reveals a value as a bet multiplier.
Money Safe Symbol: Reveals a value as a bet multiplier.
Pay Symbol: Reveals a value as a bet multiplier and adds it to all other visible symbols on the reels.
Permanent Pay Symbol: Reveals a value as a product of the bet and adds it to each additional visible symbol on that spin and to each additional spin that follows.
Collector Symbol: Reveals a value as a product of the bet, then collects all visible values ​​on the reels and adds them to its own value.
Permanent Collector Symbol: Reveals a value as a product of the bet, then collects all visible values ​​on the reels and adds them to its own value at the end of that spin and each subsequent spin.
Wider Symbol: Reveals a value such as the product of the bet and opening and additional throws.
Tumbleweed symbol: Does not carry a value and does not reset the spin counter.
So in the bonus round, the goal is to collect as many odds as possible to increase your winnings.

Money train slot by Relax Gaming.

This is the Money Cart bonus round.

Money train slot by Relax Gaming.

A cél az, hogy minél több szorzót gyűjtsön. Két további orsó kinyitása is lehetővé teszi a nyeremény növelését, mint itt – ha szerencséd van.

A Money Cart bónuszkört külön is megvásárolhatja a 80-szoros tét áráért. Ne feledje, hogy a bónusz tét RTP (Return to player) 98,00%, ami csak kiváló!

A maximális kifizetés 20 000 x tét a Money Train nyerőgépre, így lehetősége van hatalmas nyeremények elnyerésére, ha szerencséje van.

Összegzésként a Money Train meglehetősen egyszerű, de nagyon szórakoztató nyerőgép, rengeteg nyugati filmszellemmel. Az RTP átlagos szinten van a fő játékban (96,2%), de a Money Cart bónuszkör kitűnő 98,0% -os RTP-t tart. A bónuszjáték külön is megvásárolható a 80-szoros tét áráért.

Véleményem szerint a Money Train az egyik legjobb nyugati témájú slot. Ajánlásaim!

Megjelent játék: 2019 augusztus

RTP (visszatérés a játékoshoz): 96,2% (98,0% a Money Cart bónusz körért, mint megvásárolt funkció)

Variancia: Magas

Elrendezés: 5 x 4

Fogadási sorok: 40

Max győzelem: 20 000x tét

1. Készüljünk fel a dübörgésre (közzétéve 2019 augusztusában)
Készüljünk fel a dübörgésre egy boksz témájú nyerőgépes játék a legendás ring beharangozóval Michael Buffer. A „Készüljünk fel a dübörgésre!” Ismert jelszó hangja. Fivére az UFC bemondója Bruce Buffer.

A Let’s Get Ready to Rumble slot egy 6 x 4 tárcsás táblát biztosít Sticky Respin, Wild Stacks és Rumble Spin speciális funkciókkal. A maximális győzelem 2389,4-szerese a tétnek ebben a helyben.

Get ready for the rumble by Relax Gaming.

Ez a Relax Gaming Let’s Get Ready to Rumble nyerőgépe.

Nincs rendszeres nyerési mód, de a nyereményrendszert hívják Összekapcsolt utak. Nyer, ha csak 3 vagy több szimbólum van összekötve a szomszédos orsókon, balról indulva az 1-es orsón. A szimbólumoknak legfeljebb egy, fent, egy sor alatt vagy ugyanabban a sorban kell lenniük egymással.

Az általános érzés kissé izgalmas és adrenalin-pumpáló. Különösen a háttérzene emlékeztet a Rocky 1-re és a legendás Survivor együttes Eye of the Tiger című dalára.

Ez összesen 466 csatlakoztatott utat és 1436-ot tesz lehetővé a Rumble Spin funkció során.

Get ready for the rumble by Relax Gaming.

Itt van a Rumble Spin akcióban. A pörgetés során bármi megtörténhet, itt a Cross Wilds és a másik bokszoló találatokat kap!

A Rumble Spin funkció véletlenszerűen kiválasztható bármely pörgetésnél. A centrifugálás során az alábbiakban ismertetett kiegészítő funkciók véletlenszerű száma javítja a centrifugálást:

Kereszt vadak olyan jellemző, ahol 3-5 Wild szimbólumot helyeznek véletlenszerűen az orsókra. Egy Rumble centrifugálás során akár 8-szor is kiváltható.
Ban,-ben Felső vágású vad egy halom vad szimbólum kerül az utolsó orsóra.
Vad kampó olyan funkció, amely a vad verem az utolsó orsóról a 2-es vagy a 3-as orsóra mozgatja. Ha az aktív orsó területe nagyobb, mint a vad verem, akkor a köteget is kitágítja, hogy kitöltse a teljes aktív orsót.
Title Fight feature expands the playing area by adding 2 more lines below the playing area. This increases the number of connected roads by 1436.
Get ready for the rumble by Relax Gaming.

Rumble Spin can result in huge amounts of Wild in the reels like here.

The Sticky Spin feature can be randomly activated on a winning combination. During the Sticky Spin feature, all winning symbols are insisted and given a rewind. You will receive additional spins until you earn more symbols that add to the original prize.

Get ready for the rumble by Relax Gaming.

This is the Sticky Spin feature where the winning symbols stick and you can collect much more than the Microphone symbols here.

Wild Piles This feature means that 2-5 wild mounds are placed at random, each covering a full spool.

Get ready for the rumble by Relax Gaming.

A Wild Stacks rengeteg boxzsákot adhat neked, amelyek tele vannak vadakkal.

Következtetésképpen Készüljünk fel a dübörgésre A slot játék egy nagyon klassz nyerőgép, egyedi boksz témával. Michael Buffer, a legendás bokszbemondó is nagyon sok hitelességet hoz ennek a nyerőgépnek.

Hatalmas számú különféle funkció van, és a játékmenet jól működik.

Kevés mínusz ebben a nyílásban meglehetősen alacsony RTP, 96,14% és alacsony szórással. Ez azt jelenti, hogy több kisebb győzelmet szerez, de nem nyerhet hatalmas összegeket erről a résszel (kb. 2400x), mint például a Relax Gaming Pénzvonata, ahol hatalmas, 20 000x-es szorzót nyerhet..

Az ingyenes pörgetések bónusz játéknak több pörgetése is lehet, például 10 ingyenes pörgetés. De ahogy van, véleményem szerint a bónusz funkciók jól működnek.

A Let’s Get Ready to Rumble minden box- vagy MMA-rajongó számára kötelező nyerőgép. Ez egy sláger!

Megjelent játék: 2019 augusztus

RTP (visszatérés a játékoshoz): 96,14%

Variancia: Alacsony

Elrendezés: 6 x 4

Fogadási sorok: 466

Max győzelem: 2389,4 x tét

Érdekesebb helyek – Gyorsválasztás
Íme néhány gyors választás a Relax Gaming slot választékából, rövidebb bevezetésekkel.

Relax Gaming Zombie Circus Slot Machine.

Zombi cirkusz egy kísérteties 5 x 3 nyerőgép, amely ötvözi az őrült gyilkos bohócok legendáit a zombikkal. Érdekes keverék, de miért ne? RTP: 96,92%.

King of Kings slot by Relax Gaming.

Még egy ókori Egyiptom témájú nyerőgép a Relax Gaming-től: királyok királya! RTP: 96,0%, Nagy szórás és maximális győzelem 5000x.

Powerspin slot from Relax Gaming.

Powerspin is a classic 3 x 3 slot machine with a modern twist. However, the RTP is quite low at 94.86%.

Relax Gaming Wildchemy Slot Machine.

Wild chemistry teaches you some chemistry in the form of a slot machine. RTP: 96.02%, standard deviation and 500x maximum win.

Erik is the Red slot by Relax Gaming.

Red Erik is a Vikings-themed slot machine with a very good RTP of 96.95%. The standard deviation is low / medium on this slot machine.

Highest RTP Relax Gaming slots
These are the highest RTP (Return to Player) percentage slots I found from Relax Gaming. The list is sorted from highest to lowest RTP percentage.

Epic Joker – Released November 2018 – Variance: Unknown – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 97.0%
Erik Vörös – Published: October 2018 – Variance: Low / Medium – Maximum win: Unknown – RTP: 96.96%
Zombie Circus – Released: October 2018 – Variance: Unknown – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 96.92%
Awakening of Dragons – Released March 2019 – Variance: Medium – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 96.96%
It’s time! – Published: October 2019 – Variance: Unknown – Maximum win: Unknown – RTP: 96.74%
Mega Masks – Released March 2020 – Variance: Medium / High – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 96.61%
The Big Piggy – Appearance: January 2019 – Variance: Unknown – Maximum Win: Unknown – RTP: 96.55%
Barlanglakó Bob – Megjelent 2019 májusában – Variancia: Ismeretlen – Maximális győzelem: 500x tét – RTP: 96,49%
Hősök gyülekezése – Megjelenés: 2020. február – Variancia: Közepes / Magas – Maximális győzelem: 400x tét – RTP: 96,45%
Gyújtsd meg az éjszakát – Megjelent 2019. június – Variancia: Közepes / Magas – Maximális győzelem: Ismeretlen – RTP: 96,39%
Temple Tumble Megaways – Megjelenés: 2019. február – Változás: Magas – Maximális győzelem: 7767,7x tét – RTP: 96,25%
Kígyó Aréna – Megjelent: 2019. december – Változás: Magas – Maximális győzelem: 2758x tét – RTP: 96,25%
Pénzvonat – Megjelent 2019 augusztusában – Variancia: Magas – Maximális győzelem: Ismeretlen – RTP: 96,2%
Készüljünk fel a dübörgésre – Megjelent 2019. szeptember – Változás: Alacsony – Maximális győzelem: 466x tét – RTP: 96,14%
TNT Tumble – Megjelent 2020. ápr. – Változás: Közepes / Magas – Maximális győzelem: 2088x tét – RTP: 96,11%
Torony bukása – Megjelent: 2019. március – Variancia: Ismeretlen – Maximális győzelem: 5150x tét – RTP: 96,11%
Vadkémia – Megjelent 2019. március – Variancia: Közepes – Maximális győzelem: 500x tét – RTP: 96,02%
királyok királya – Megjelent 2019. április – Változás: Magas – Maximális győzelem: 5000x tét – RTP: 96,0%
Powerspin – Megjelent 2019 augusztusában – Variancia: Ismeretlen – Maximális győzelem: Ismeretlen – RTP: 94,86%
Ajánlott Bitcoin kaszinók Relax Gaming nyerőgépekkel
These Bitcoin casinos offer Relax Gaming slots in their selection.

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to site
King Billy Casino logo

1.5 BTC + 200 free spins
The first deposit bonus is 155% up to 1.5 BTC + 200 free spins for Wolf Moon Rising. The bonus amount is 5.5 BTC + 200 free spins. Bets: 30x bonus.

Relax Gaming slots are supported
Exclusive bonus: 155%

Low bonus bet: 30x

3500+ casino games

Review of King Billy
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user feedback
Here is a summary of user reviews of Relax Gaming Slots:

How do you like Relax Gaming? Please share your thoughts in the form of a comment below!

Final thoughts
This was our article on Relax Gaming Slots. Feel free to send a letter, write a message via the contact form, or write your comments or suggestions here!

BetChan Review (2021) – Features, Facts and Bonuses

BetChan Casino is an online casino founded in 2015. The casino is licensed and supported by the Maltese Gaming Authority for standard currencies and Bitcoin deposits (however, there was a problem with cryptographic deposits, please read later).

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to site
Contents [show]

Betchan Casino logo

€ 100 / $ + 30 free spins
The first deposit bonus is 100% up to € 100 / $ + 30 free spins. Use the bonus code: BERLIN . The bonus amount is € 400 / $ + 120 free spins. Betting: 40x.

743 casino games
Bitcoin deposits

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BetChan is a fairly simple online casino. Your average deposit bonuses range from $ 100 / dollar for the first four deposits and include a large amount of free spins on each deposit. The game selection is also at an average level, with over 740 casino games from 10 different casino game providers. There are just over 550 slot machines to choose from.

This is what Betchan Casino looks like.

This is what BetChan Casino looks like.

1. Overview of BetChan Casino
BetChan Casino is an online casino founded in 2015. The casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is considered much stronger in regulation and player protection than the standard Curacao license of other cryptographic casinos. However, the Maltese license is not very favorable, but at the same time it supports cryptocurrencies. Theoretically, BetChan Casino should support Bitcoin deposits that are converted to normal currency.

However, there were some problems with Bitcoin deposits when I tried out the casino in March 2019. I switched to BTC deposits, but there is no QR code or address to deposit to. Bitcoin deposits simply don’t work!

If you want to try the standard currencies, you can usually place EUR (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Russian Ruble (RUB), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Polish Zloty (PLN), New Zealand Dollar (NZD). deposit methods such as credit cards and online payment services.

Reactoonz slot machine

This is a classic Reactoonz slot game from Play N’Go.

BetChan is a fairly simple online casino. Your average deposit bonuses are up to € 100 / $ for your first four deposits, and there is a nice amount of free spins on each deposit.

The game selection is also at an average level, with over 740 casino games from 10 different casino game providers. There are just over 550 slot machines to choose from. The language selection is very good, you can choose from 8 languages.

BetChan is not active at all on social media or forums. I could not find any social media accounts from BetChan. This is not very promising.

The only support is live chat and there is no support email address.

BetChan is part of PlayamoPartners, which consists of four online casinos: BetChan, Bob Casino, PlayAmo and Spinia.

Quick facts about BetChan

Founded: 2015

Casino License: Maltese Gambling Authority

Restricted countries: USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, Saint Martin , Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia

Social Media Accounts: Not found

Casino Cryptocurrency Forums: Not found

Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin deposits that convert to normal currency

Regular currencies supported: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Russian Ruble (RUB), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Polish Zloty (PLN), New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Deposit options: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Trustly, Rapid, Zimpler, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Neosurf, Qiwi, Yandex money, iDeal, EcoPayz, Klarna

Casino Games: A total of 743 casino games (BetChan advertises a total of 2000 games)

Casino software: 10 game providers: Amatic, Authentic, BetSoft, Endorphina, Evolution, Netent, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin and Yggdrasil

Demonstrably fair games: No.

Languages: English, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Mobile casino: Yes

Contact and support: Live chat on the website

2. Bonuses
BetChan Casino offers these deposit bonuses. Bonuses are only available in normal currency, there are no Bitcoin or cryptocurrency bonuses.

BetChan deposit bonuses
First Deposit Bonus 100% up to € 100 / $ + 30 Free Spins for Fire & Steel (Bonus Code: BERLIN)
Second Deposit Bonus 50%, € 100 / $ + 30 free spins for Rook’s Revenge (Bonus Code: OSLO)
Third Deposit Bonus 50% up to € 100 / $ + 30 free spins for Casanova (Bonus Code: MOSCOW)
Fourth deposit bonus 50% up to € 100 / $ + 30 free spins for Lucky Coin (bonus code: PRAGUE)
All casino bonuses amount to € 400 / $ + 120 free spins
Claim a bonus

The minimum deposit for bonuses is € 20 / $ or the equivalent in another currency.

The betting requirement is 40x. All bonuses expire after 30 days.

Keep in mind that the type of game contributes a different percentage to the bonus wagering requirement:

Board Games – Baccarat, Blackjack, Hi-Lo – 5% (excluding live dealer games)
Video Poker – 5%
Roulette, poker – 5% (excluding live dealer games)
Most Slots – 100% (see the full list on the BetChan website -> bonus terms)
50% Reload Bonus on Mondays
There is a 50% reload bonus every Monday, up to € 100 / $ + 30 free spins to play The Angler slot machine. Simply deposit using the following bonus code: AMSTERDAM.

Starburst Slot Machine NetEnt

This is the Starburst slot machine from the NetEnt game provider.

3. Bonus Codes
Use these bonus codes to get the welcome bonus package:

Bonus code: BERLIN for the first deposit bonus
Bonus Code: OSLO for the second deposit bonus
Bonus code: MOSCOW for the third deposit bonus
Bonus code: PRAGUE for the fourth deposit bonus
4. Free Spins
BetChan does not offer free spins without a deposit.

5. Casino Games
BetChan Casino offers 740+ casino games from which you can choose from 10 casino game providers.

The choice is made from the following casino game software providers: Amatic, Authentic, BetSoft, Endorphina, Evolution, Netent, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin and Yggdrasil.

Slot Games at BetChan

Example of selecting a slot machine at BetChan Casino.

Game selection at BetChan Casino
A total of 552 slot machines
72 Blackjack game + live blackjack
28 roulette games + live roulette
3 Baccarat game + live Baccarat
7 poker games
81 Other casual games
10 game providers
Total Game Number: 743 (BetChan 2000 advertises casino games)
6. Restricted countries
Játékosok Lettországból, a Amerikai Egyesült Államok (USA), Ausztrália, Belgium, az Egyesült Királyság (Egyesült Királyság), Észtország, Olaszország, Franciaország, Törökország, Spanyolország, Szlovákia, Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Francia Guyana, Réunion, Mayotte, Francia Polinézia, Wallis és Futuna, Új-Kaledónia, Saint Martin, Cseh Köztársaság, a Litván Köztársaság nem játszhatnak valódi pénzes fogadási játékokat játszani a BetChan Kaszinóban.

Szintén semmilyen bónusz nem áll rendelkezésre a svéd játékosok számára, beleértve a részvételt bármilyen promóciós programban, VIP jutalmak fogadását, valamint a comp pontok cseréjét.

Egyes játékok bizonyos országokban nem érhetők el, amint azt a játékszolgáltatók irányelvei előírják, amelyek időről időre változhatnak.

7. Terms and Conditions
Here are the most important withdrawal conditions. Please read the full terms and conditions on the BetChan Casino Website -> Terms and Conditions.

Withdrawal conditions
• All deposits must be accepted three times before withdrawal.

• The minimum payout is € 20 / $.

• The maximum payout amount processed for a player is € 4,000 / $ per day, € 8,000 / $ per week.

• The maximum monthly payout is € 25,000 / $ at the normal limit, € 40,000 / $ at the upper limit and € 75,000 / $ at the final limit or equivalent.

8. Conclusion
In summary, BetChan is a fairly standard online casino. They should be Bitcoin inserts, but the inserts didn’t work in my tests.

However, if you are playing with normal currencies such as Euros or US Dollars, BetChain can be a good choice. The casino has a strong Maltese Gaming Authority license that provides better player protection than the Curacao license.

The game selection is also at an average level, with 740+ games from 10 casino game providers.

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9. User Reviews and Ratings
Here is the BetChan Casino rating summary.

What do you think about BetChan Casino? Please share your thoughts below. Or, if you want to see more Bitcoin casino reviews, visit here and check them out.


New Bitcoin casinos
This is our article about all New Bitcoin Casinos in 2021!

We are constantly looking for new, fresh and reputable casinos to add to our site. So stay tuned for new updates!

new bitcoin casinos 2021

Contents [show]

5 Latest Bitcoin Casinos – March 2021 List
KatsuBet – 100 free spins + up to 5 BTC
TrueFlip – 150 FS + 1,4 BTC-ig
CryptoThrills – 20 FS on sweet success + 100% up to 1 BTC
SportsandCasino – 300% welcome bonus up to $ 500 and 100 free spins
CasinoFair – Between 300 and 1000 FUN, 50% cashback up to $ 2000
Check out the full table below to see more new Bitcoin casinos.

2021 New Bitcoin Casinos – Full List
The list is among the newest and oldest casinos listed on this site. Some casinos were brand new Bitcoin casinos, while others later made it possible to pay for Bitcoin.

The table also lists the bonuses. If you need a bonus code, it is listed here. Otherwise, just visit the casinos using the links on the table. Exclusive bonuses are in bold in the list.

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to site
CryptoThrills Casino
1 BTC + 150 free spins 200% deposit bonus up to 1 BTC + 150 free spins

Deposit: x 60 bets (code: KINGS200)

Free Spins: x40 Bets (Code CASH150)

Purely Cryptographic Online Casino Offers Players 20% Monthly Cashback CryptoThrills Casino Overview
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KatsuBet casino bonus5 BTC + 66 free spins First deposit bonus 166% up to € 100 + 66 free spins. The bonus amount is 5 BTC with four first deposits. Betting 45 x. 5000 slots Great language support Great promotions KatsuBet Casino overview
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TrueFlip Casino1.4 BTC + 150 free spins The first deposit bonus is 150%, up to 0.04 BTC + 50 free spins. The bonus amount is 1.4 BTC + 150 free spins. Betting: 35x. Good Choice of Deposit Options Exclusive Cryptographic Games Great Reputation TrueFlip Casino Review
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SportsAndCasinoGreat game offer. Welcome bonus specifically for Bitcoin SportsAndCasino review
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KingBit Casino110% up to 1 BTC The first deposit bonus is up to 110% 1 BTC. The bonus is a total of 2 BTC. Bets: 40x deposit + bonus. 1200+ casino games New casino founded in 2019. Very High Bonus Stake KingBit Casino Review
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6. BSPIN.IO CASINO Casino1 BTC + 20 free spins First deposit bonus up to 120% 1 BTC + 20 free spins on Burning Flame or Five Star Luxury slot machines. BTC. Bets: 40x bonus. 728 Casino Games Fast and Well-functioning Lobby Exclusive Bonus Casino Review
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PrimediceFaucet bonus Bitcoin faucet bonus with registration only. Huge Bitcoin jackpot – sometimes over 100 BTC! 1 provably correct dice 6 cryptocurrency Huge jackpot Primedice overview
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Stake.comFaucet bonus 10 Satoshi faucet bonus with registration only. It will be available later when your balance reaches zero. 12 Exciting In-House Games All Proven to Be Fair Solid Reputation and Long History Review
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Sportsbet.io6 mBTC free bet 2 mBTC – 6 mBTC free bet. There is no bonus for the casino. 2167 casino games 29 game providers Sports and eSports Betting overview
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Syndicate Casino0.125 BTC + 200 free spins The first deposit bonus is 125% up to a maximum of 0.125 BTC + 200 free spins. The bonus is a total of 1,125 BTC + 200 free spins. Betting: 40x. New Casino Founded in 2018 1506 Casino Games Multiple Cryptos and Standard Currency Support Syndicate Casino Overview
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22Bet Casino€ 300 Bonus The first deposit bonus is 100% up to € 300 in the casino. The total amount of the bonus is € 300. Betting: 50x. Casino and Betting 4624 casino games with 20 crypts are supported by 22Bet Casino Review
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CryptoSkullFaucet Bonus You can claim Bitcoin faucet bonuses up to 8500 SAT (Satoshi) Exciting minesweeper type game Definitely the right support for Bitcoin and Litecoin CryptoSkull Overview
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Oshi Casino150% + 200 free spins 20 free spins during registration. The first deposit bonus is 150% up to 0.05 BTC + 200 free spins. The bonus is a total of 0.7 BTC + 350 free spins. Betting: 40x. Huge amount of games 2528 casino game 57 jackpot slot machine Oshi Casino Review
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OneHashFaucet Bonus A faucet bonus is available in casino games. Many special betting events and betting tournaments Four casino games: Dice, Goals, Moon and Slots Mutual betting site Sports and eSports betting OneHash overview
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Cloudbet Casino5 BTC + 70 free spins The first deposit bonus is 100%, up to 5 BTC + 70 free spins . The bonus is a total of 5 BTC + 70 free spins. Bets: loyalty points. Huge first deposit bonus on 913 casino games, sports betting also Cloudbet Casino review
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Betchan Casino€ 100 / $ + 30 free spins The first deposit bonus is 100% up to a maximum of € 100 / $ + 30 free spins. Use the bonus code: BERLIN . The bonus amount is € 400 / $ + 120 free spins. Betting: 40x. 743 casino game Bitcoin Deposits Betchan Casino Review
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Playamo Casino€ 100 / $ + 100 free spins The first deposit bonus is 100% up to a maximum of € 100 / $ + 100 free spins. Use the bonus code FIRSTDEP . The bonus amount is € 300 / $ + 150 free spins. Betting: 50x. 1874 casino games with 570 crypto cryptocurrency deposits Playamo Casino review
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King Billy Casino1.5 BTC + 200 Free Spins The first deposit bonus is 155% up to 1.5 BTC + 200 Free Spins for Wolf Moon Rising. The bonus amount is 5.5 BTC + 200 free spins. Bets: 30x bonus. Exclusive Bonus: 155% Low Bonus Stake: 30x 3500+ Casino Game King Billy Casino Review
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DuckDice CasinoFaucet, Rain and Duck Hunting Bonus There are many good bonuses such as faucet, rain, duck hunting, lucky bet and jackpot bonus. 3 Proven Correct Games: Dice, Lottery and Sniper Low 1% House Advantage 12 Cryptocurrency Support DuckDice Casino Overview
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BitcoinCasino.us1 BTC Bonus The first deposit bonus is 100%, up to 1 BTC. The bonus is a total of 5 BTC. No deposit bonus: 10 free spins. Betting: 40x. 620 casino game Review
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1xBit Casino7 BTC Bonus The first deposit bonus is 100% up to 1 BTC. The bonus amount is 7 BTC for the first four deposits. Betting: 40x. 3000+ casino games 63 game providers Great language support Sports betting also 1xBit Casino overview
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1xSlots Casino€ 450 + 80 free spins The first deposit bonus is 100% up to € 450 + 80 free spins. The bonus is a total of € 1650 + 200 free spins. Use the bonus code: 1s_117 . Betting: 35x. Huge number of live casino cryptocurrency deposits 1xSlots Casino Review
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Vegas Crest Casino€ 1,000 / $ + 30 free spins The first deposit bonus is 200% up to € 1,000 / $ equivalent in BTC + 30 free spins. The total bonus is € 2,500 / $ + 30 free spins. No deposit bonus: 10 free spins. Betting: 60x. Bitcoin puts big 200% deposit bonus into 752 casino games Vegas Crest Casino Review
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Diamond reels casino€ 1000 Bonus The first deposit bonus is 260%, up to € 1000 / $ in Bitcoins (deposit + bonus up to € 2600 / $), use bonus code NEWONE. Bet 40x (deposit + bonus). Bitcoin puts 300 casino games into the Diamond Reels Casino review
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CryptoWild Casino1 BTC + 150 free spins The first deposit bonus is 200% up to 1 BTC + 150 free spins. The bonus is a total of 4 BTC + 150 free spins, bets: 60x. No deposit bonus: 20 free spins with bonus code 20FREE , bet 40x. Great 200% Exclusive Bonus 1000+ Casino Games 67 Video Poker Games CryptoWild Casino Review
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7Bit Casino177% up to 5 BTC + 177 free spins The first deposit bonus is 177% up to 1.5 BTC + 77 free spins. The bonus is a total of 5 BTC + 177 free spins. Code: 177BIT. Betting: 40x. Experienced casino since 2014 2300 casino games 39 jackpot slots 7Bit Casino Review
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BetChain Casino1 BTC + 200 free spins The first deposit bonus is 150% up to 1 BTC + 200 free spins. The bonus is a total of 2 BTC + 200 free spins. No deposit bonus: 20 free spins . Betting: 50x. 2346 casino game 210 jackpot slots Review of many provably fair games at BetChain Casino
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FortuneJack Casino1.5 BTC + 250 free spins The first deposit bonus is 110% up to a maximum of 1.5 BTC + 250 free spins. The bonus is a total of 5 BTC + 250 free spins. No deposit bonus: 25 free spins. Bets: 40x bonus. Excellent total of 1492 casino games from 4 of their own demonstrably fair games by FortuneJack Casino Review
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Bitcoin Penguin Casino0.2 BTC + 40 free spins The first deposit bonus is 150% up to 0.2 BTC + 40 free spins . The bonus is a total of 0.4 BTC + 65 free spins. Betting: 45x. Experienced Casino Founded in 2014, 558 casino games are reviewed by Bitcoin Penguin Casino
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CryptoGamesFaucet Bonus The Faucet Bonus is a loyalty program that provides a refund. 7 fast, proven fair games Low house advantage Great jackpots CryptoGames Review
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31. BETCOIN.AG CASINO casino1 BTC + 10 free spins The first deposit bonus is 100%, up to 1 BTC + 10 free spins. The bonus is a total of 3 BTC + 12 free spins. Betting: 50x. Quick Deposits and Payments Plenty of table games Live Poker Casino Review
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BitStarz Casino2 BTC + 180 free spins The first deposit bonus is 152% up to 2 BTC + 180 free spins. The bonus is a total of 6 BTC + 180 free spins. No deposit bonus: 20 free spins . Bets: 40x bonus. Reliable casino since 2014 2600+ casino games Quick deposits and withdrawals BitStarz Casino overview
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Bitcasino.io1 BTC Bonus The first deposit bonus is 100% up to a maximum of 1 BTC. The bonus is a total of 2 BTC. Betting: 35x. Lightning Fast Casino Lobby Low Bonus Stake (35x) 2270 Casino Game Review
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mBit Casino2 BTC + 100 free spins The first deposit bonus is 150% up to 2 BTC + 100 free spins. The bonus is a total of 6 BTC + 100 free spins. No deposit bonus: 50 free spins. Bets: 40x bonus. Fast and fluid website 2528 casino game 96 jackpot slot game mBit Casino Review
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Reviews of the recently launched new BTC casinos
We examine each fresh Bitcoin casino individually and find all the important details. If you’re interested in some specific information, such as language details, deposit and withdrawal options, or game choices, the information is in one place and easy to find. No more searching the plethora of different casino sites and trying to find this piece of information. We do everything so you can easily choose the best Bitcoin casinos.

New casino games
Select a game. The choice of game in cryptocasinos is very different. There are more than 10 casino gaming software providers and many bitcoin casinos have agreements with only a few of them.

Custom games. Some new bitcoin gambling sites have their unique gameplay that other sites don’t. Major casino software providers guarantee a high standard of bitcoin gaming. Some of the latest BTC casino sites work faster than others depending on the graphic content. If your computer or network connection is slower, you may want to consider this as well. The best bitcoin casinos usually have a very fast graphical interface, which is always a good thing.

Promotions and bonuses. Almost every online gambling site includes Bitcoin casino bonuses that add extra bitcoins to your deposits. Some bitcoin casinos do not offer a deposit bonus by simply keeping an account with the casino. A good bonus can make bitcoin gambling more profitable, so be sure to pay attention to that.

A look at the lobby of the BitStarz casino and some Bitcoin Slot games. BitStarz is a great option when you think of the new Bitcoin casinos.

A look at the lobby of the BitStarz casino and some Bitcoin Slot games.

Gaming software and game providers. Gaming software providers affect the gaming experience. Most online casinos have many gaming providers and you can choose your favorite gaming provider in the casino lobby.

Many players recognize game providers such as NetEnt (NetEntertainment), SoftSwiss, BetSoft, Novomatic and CoinGaming. You need to test various bitcoin casino games that will find your favorite. We love to play NetEnt games By checking bitcoin casino reviews, you can easily see which software providers each casino is using. Casino offers much more than these high quality 3D slots. Below is the screen of Event Horizon for the slot game.

Event Horizon is a Bitcoin slot machine game at casino, one of the older Bitcoin gambling sites.

Event Horizon Bitcoin Slot Machine game at Casino.

Bitcoin Poker – Fresh takes over old online favorites
Bitcoin Poker is a relatively new thing and has not been on the market for a long time compared to online poker played in Euros or USD.

Regular poker games with normal currency such as Euros or US Dollars are very tough these days and there are not many so called fish in the games. Fish is a poker term that refers to a very bad poker player, and when the big online poker boom hit the markets around 2007-2008, the proportion of fish in poker games rose tremendously. You could say there was a lot of easy and loose money in the game. Nowadays, playing online poker with the usual currency is really very difficult.

There are still a lot of fish in the game at Bitcoin Poker and you can make some serious money if you are even an average player. So maybe you should test the waters right away and grab the easy money that can be grabbed from bitcoin poker tables! Bitcoin poker is featured in some of the new Bitcoin casinos. Learn more about poker in our Bitcoin Poker guide. is not a new Bitcoin casino, but it offers you real live poker that many Bitcoin casinos do not offer. offers you real live Bitcoin poker that many Bitcoin casinos do not offer.

Bitcoin reception in 2021
If you don’t already know Bitcoin, you probably didn’t know that there are many sports betting sites where you can bet with Bitcoins. Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular with sports betting professionals due to its fast transactions and low cost.

They also offer a lot of games at bitcoin sports betting. From football to baseball to eSport, bitcoin sports betting sites offer a very good selection of sporting events.

Competitive odds. The odds on Bitcoin Sportsbook sites are very low due to lower transaction costs. You can also create multiple accounts on different bitcoin betting sites and choose the best odds for that particular game. offers a number of Bitcoin betting options, such as baseball, football, soccer and Bitcoin eSports betting. offers a number of Bitcoin betting options, such as baseball, football, soccer and Bitcoin eSports betting.

What do the new Bitcoin mobile casinos look like?
Almost all new Bitcoin casinos are 100% mobile friendly. Although many Bitcoin casinos do not yet offer a separate iOS or Android app for the game. However, this is not a problem as most casinos are optimized for the smooth operation of mobile devices.

The advantage of a mobile casino, of course, is that you can play wherever you want, whenever you want. Playing a casino usually means relaxation and fun, and perhaps this can be better accomplished on your own couch, at the nearest restaurant with your friends, or by commuting by bus or train. Of course, you still have the option to play with a normal computer or laptop at the new Bitcoin gambling sites.

Satoshi’s Secret is one of the best games of the new Bitcoin casinos in 2018. BetChain Casino has this Bitcoin Slot game.

Satoshi’s secret Bitcoin slot machine at BetChain Casino.

Proven to be a fair game
Security and fair games. Demonstrably fair, the game is unique to the new Bitcoin casinos. This means that everyone can check the probability of Bitcoin casinos and see that the games are fair. Verification requires some bitcoin expertise, but because of Bitcoin’s open source, thousands of people have verified the provably correct source code, and there’s no reason to doubt it.

All games on are provably correct!

All games on are provably correct!

Responsible play
Only place money that you can lose. If you are lucky, you can definitely win big money. But also keep in mind that if it’s not your lucky day, you could lose the money you paid.

Reasonable amounts make the game more responsible. Do not play under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol or drugs can impair their ability to make decisions and therefore harm you. Remember that casino games and games should be fun.

If you experience excessive negative feelings during the game, consider stopping the game. Find out more about responsible gaming here.

Is Bitcoin legal?
Bitcoin is a relatively new thing in the foreign exchange world. Banks, tax authorities and regulators are still trying to figure out what to think about bitcoin and the new Bitcoin gambling sites. In many cases, you want to control or regulate digital currencies, but this has proven to be very difficult. But the answer to the question is yes, Bitcoin is legal in most countries.

The only exceptions are a few countries that have publicly banned the use of Bitcoin, such as Bolivia and Kyrgyzstan. Bitcoins are legal in most countries. In this article, you can see the latest list of countries and the legality of Bitcoin. If you are unsure, ask your local tax office or legal authorities about Bitcoin games.

New Bitcoin casinos are generally not considered more special than regular online casinos. If your country prohibits online gambling, bitcoin casinos are not allowed either. However, many countries see bitcoin as a commodity rather than a currency, and many countries do not have rules or laws that state that bitcoin gambling would be illegal. So follow our website to learn more about legal issues.

Online casinos with support for standard currencies
If you don’t want to use cryptocurrencies in online gambling, you can of course use regular currencies like the US dollar or the euro.

You can view the latest regular online casinos here: Bojoko’s New Casino Sites .

Final thoughts
Thanks for reading! We will regularly monitor the development of new Bitcoin casinos in 2021 and will be informed of any new developments in the field of cryptographic casino. See you at the tables!

Why “Nice” and “Nasty” Are Not Synonyms of One Another?


Why “Nice” and “Nasty” Are Not Synonyms of One Another?

Definition of nice. The definition of nice, or being nice, has different meanings for different people. For some people, being nice means you treat people the way you would want to be treated. For other people it means to have respect for someone else, or to behave well in public.

A nice thing to do on your holidays is to stop by the seaside and take a nice relaxing holiday. France has some great places that you can visit and take a nice relaxing holiday. France is known as a country that has some harsh landscapes, but the scenery is very beautiful, and you will enjoy seeing the various historical sites including the Gothic architecture in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and other amazing landmarks. The Eurostar runs regularly between France and England, so this is an easy train journey that you can make the whole trip.

Wikipedia defines a nice person as “A person who meets other people in order to build friendship and trust”. From this definition, it seems that being a nice person means meeting new people and building relationships. When you are a nice person, you would not judge somebody based on their appearance or what they may be wearing. A nice person is also known to be a caring, giving, and helpful person.

In the Oxford Dictionary, niceness is defined as “behaving nicely”, which sounds like an expression of niceness, and could possibly mean “a form of kindness”. But it is not only used as a term of kindness. According to the etymology dictionary, niceness comes from “niche” – a small group, or “group of things”. “Niche” could mean “one”, “one’s”, “little”, “smallish”, “ones” or “ones'”. If you look at the etymology of the word, you will find that the root words are the same as those of the word “nice”. This shows that nice is derived from a group of things rather than a person.

The etymology of the word suggests that niceness arises from being a pleasant person. A person who is nicest to others is said to have been born nice. And because the root words are “niche” and “person”, it is implied that niceness is only naturally occurring in certain types of personalities. If you are one of those personality types, then you can safely assume that you are not naturally nice and that being nice comes with some type of effort. It is only through some kind of conscious effort that nice people are nice to others.

Compare this etymology with the word “ignorant”. Ignorance of something does not translate to “unpredictable”, does it? In fact, ignorance of something can be the cause of its unpredictability. So while the word “ignorant” has a negative meaning when applied to a certain type of person – a foolish or ignorant person – the etymology of “nice” translates into “not ignorant”.

Basic Theoretic Principles of Ethical Reasoning


Basic Theoretic Principles of Ethical Reasoning

In most contexts, the word good means the course which should always be favored whenever presented with a difficult choice between different possible actions. Good is usually regarded as the opposite of evil and is of central interest in the area of ethics, religion, philosophy and morality. A good person is one who acts in accordance with what he believes to be right, just desserts, or what is commonly described as the path of virtue. This view of morality provides an explanation why some things are good while some things are bad, for instance eating an apple is good while gambling is bad.

Of course, it is not easy to identify a single characteristic of goodness that can be considered as the essence of it. We may think of good as rational, as having self-control, as having integrity, as providing meaning, as being fair, and as having a loving heart. All these attributes can be used to explain the concepts of ethics. However, a definition of the common good cannot rely on any of these characteristics to be precise, for there are many different things that we consider as the common good. These things may be good morally, but not just good as a person’s relation to other people, or their respect for other people’s rights.

For consistency with our views of the good, we must therefore combine an action principle with a principle of reciprocity, both of them equally important, and they both requiring commitment to the concept of the common good. The principle of reciprocity stipulates that an act does not consist of two distinct acts in which the first one is an unjustifiable action and the second is likewise unjustifiable. According to this principle, an unjustified act does not consist of a further action that further harms the good person or the innocent. But, contrary to the intuition, the principle does not deny the fact that an act may be an unjustifiable action because it does not harm the innocent.

The second basic principle that ethics must contain is that a moral obligation attaches to each and every one of us. It says that we have an obligation not to do an act that would harm another. This means that if an action has the tendency to lessen the well-being of a human being, then it is morally wrong, and if it tends to increase the harm to another, then it is morally right. An action may thus be considered to consist of two parts, a moral obligation and a moral act.

Another core concept of ethical theories is that the ultimate end of human life is the welfare of human beings. This is often called the utilitarian view, for it compares moral obligation with that of personal utility. It suggests that if an act results in the loss of pleasure or happiness for one person, and if this loss is sufficiently great, then the act is morally wrong, even if it results in the death of that particular person. This view may appear to conflict with the common good ethics; for, it seems that the ultimate goal of ethics should be the welfare of others.

According to utilitarianism, the welfare of others comes before the welfare of the individual. So, according to utilitarianism, if you are to be judged morally, you need to take into account not only your own happiness and unhappiness, but also the happiness of those with whom you interact. By taking utilitarianism as the fundamental philosophy of ethical reasoning, it would seem that morality is nothing but the recognition of the end which each person aims at, on his own, by his own efforts. On this view, a good person would act justly even if he thinks that it would bring him pain, because such action would bring benefit to all.