What Is a Good Thing?

Good is a word that can mean different things depending on the context. It can be an adjective describing something that is satisfactory or excellent in quality, quantity or degree: a good book; a good teacher. It can also be a noun referring to an individual or thing that is helpful, beneficial or pleasing: rain water is good for the complexion; a nice home. It can also be a verb meaning to succeed or prosper: She was doing well in school.

Moreover, it can refer to something that is right, just, fair or morally sound: I’m sure she’ll do well in the exam. Alternatively, it can be used as a predicate, such as “the good news is that she did well in the interview.”

In philosophical discussions of ethics and virtue theory, there are two types of questions about goodness: questions about what it means to say that something is good and questions about which things actually are good. The first type of question became more prominent in the debates about moral philosophy after G. E. Moore’s Principia Ethica was published in 1903, and with it a shift toward conceptual analysis of the concepts that form the basis of a theory of goodness.

Theories of good have many metaphysical implications, including a claim that what something is depends on how it is seen or perceived by the person who experiences it. For example, a human needs air to breathe and food to survive, but not all air or food is considered a good, as it could cause problems for some people, such as allergies or obesity.

Ultimately, a good is whatever a person values in terms of what it contributes to the satisfaction of her or his goals. A person’s guiding principles will determine what is valuable, and these values may change over time. Consequently, an objective definition of what is good will be difficult to develop.

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